Disney sued for spying on minors in games apps

Disney is being sued by a group of people who claim that some of their gaming applications collect personal information from young players and share it illegally with other advertisers.

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RommyReigns160d ago (Edited 160d ago )

Well Walt Disney was a satanic pedophile and 33rd degree "freemason" (in parenthesis because it is refuted whether he was or was not a freemason, but he was part of the 33 Club), and the animations especially the earlier ones had subliminal sexual imaging, so not surprising to see such actions running within Disney even today.

Cobra951160d ago

I wonder how people will judge you in a future age, using a set of moral standards alien to our age. You don't have to worry about it. Chances are no one will remember you in 80 years, and you'll be dead anyway.

RommyReigns160d ago

Chances are that I don't care what anyone thinks regardless of everchanging 'moral standards' in society :P

Nodoze160d ago

Not only can Disney NOT get gaming at all, now they are spying on folks. I have never seen a company so out of touch with modern gaming....SAD.