Microsoft continues to work on Halo Xbox One backwards compatibility

In early July, Microsoft gave big news to Xbox One players: Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, Halo 3, Halo 3: ODST and Halo 4 will hit the backward compatibility program. Now, 343 Industries calmed the fans' impatience and commented that they are still working on this feature.In a post on Halo

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Sam Fisher8d ago

Find it funny that 343 is kinda forced to bring back games that bungie made, that would hurt my pride definitely

JonnS8d ago

Bungie may have made them 343 has a chance to add to those game and maybe make them better .

sonarus8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

Why would it hurt their pride when all they are paid to do is make halo games

Sonic_Vs_Mario8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

only if you want to play previous Halo's at 30fps that Bungie made

Sciurus_vulgaris8d ago

I think a good amount of 343i employees, were at one time part of Bungie. So what is your point ?

vegasgamerdawg8d ago

343 was started by Bungie employees. Some of Halo's original workers remain. Your fanBOY is showing.

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8d ago
Krysis8d ago

MCC is the only way to go. I like that they are giving the option but if you want those that bad then get MCC for 30 bucks and have a ball.

Concertoine8d ago

I still have issues with the MP. Such a shame

81BX8d ago

Same. Can't find a halo 2 anniversary mp match? Is no one playing

micbrc8d ago

Mcc for 30 I've seen it frequently and brought it digitally for aud $6 so about $4 USd

Krysis8d ago

Then you sir got a fantastic deal. I only said 30 cause I figured it had to be at least half off. I paid 60 and have never regretted it.


Useless since I have Halo anniversary but cool for those who this will benefit

rockwhynot8d ago

Yay! Now I can play halo 4 again WITH ordinance. Can't believe the master chief collection got rid of such a huge part of halo 4s multiplayer smh

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