NVIDIA: Nintendo Are “Risk Takers” and “Innovators”; “They're Not Influenced” By What Others Do

NVIDIA has expressed to be very happy for Nintendo following the success of the Switch, and has applauded the Japanese gaming behemoth.

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yellowgerbil344d ago

That's a mouthful of Engrish there

darthv72344d ago

Don't do anything to screw up your 3rd chance at console redemption Nvidia. Nvidia tried it first with the og xbox and then MS moved on to AMD. Then they tried with the PS3 before Sony also moved on to AMD and now they are trying with Nintendo. Lets see how this turns out ;)

wolf581343d ago (Edited 343d ago )

I agree with y
a friend of mine give me this video as a present,and I have it on my youtube..I will share it with y because we all begging to lose our path with specs...I want creators to make heroes and games with love and fantasy...

kneon343d ago

The reason for going with AMD was the decision to go x86. nvidia don't do x86, so that leaves Intel or AMD.

And when it comes to GPU, Intel aren't in the same league, so the choice is simple.

343d ago
tee_bag242343d ago (Edited 343d ago )

It was a reverse auction. AMD were prepared to provide chips for less. Which is also why Nintendo have an old architecture GPU (maxwell based). Pascal was too expensive. Additionally AMD do x86 which sweetened the deal.
Nvidia were crowed the smartest world company 2017 and are #387 on the Fortune 500. They screwed nothing up, they know what they're doing

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PhoenixUp344d ago

That's not always a good thing. Not being influenced by what others do is a large reason why Nintendo fails behind many trends of the industry.

EddieNX 344d ago

And also why theyre extremely unique and stand out from the rest. I do wish they would just copy Xbox live, but other than that theyve really nailed it with Switch.

freshslicepizza343d ago

If they copied Xbox Live then expect to pay more to play online. Nintendo doesn't really have the capital to compete with Microsoft or Apple or Amazon or google. They are the few who can have cloud technology and servers around the globe.

I do give Nintendo respect for using their AAA studios to push the unique features of the hardware. It is why peripherals like Kinect and Playstation Move failed and why PSVR will fail. The downside to this is what we saw with the WiiU and that is developers don't really support the uniqueness of what Nintendo tries to bring so Nintendo is often the only one that supports it.

mcstorm343d ago

Moldybread. Your spot on. Nintendo always make games to take advantage of their hardware where 3rd party's tend to make games for PC or console and port it to others

MegamanXXX343d ago (Edited 343d ago )


So the Oculus will fail too right?

PlayableGamez-343d ago

How's that 3rd Party support?

freshslicepizza343d ago

"So the Oculus will fail too right?"

Doubtful with one of the richest companies in the world behind it and it's not limited to hardware with a shelf life of 6 years that was released midspan.

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Erik7357344d ago (Edited 344d ago )

Don't believe me?

YOu know that photo mode that just starting to become a thing in ps4 exclusives?

Dude thats been in Nintendo games since the GAMECUBE

PapaBop343d ago (Edited 343d ago )

If you want to go further back, wasn't the gameboy the original "mobile camera phone"? This was way back when I was still a kid but pretty sure I recall an accessory that let you print photos.

MagicBeanz343d ago

Photo mode hasn't just started to become a thing in PS4 exclusives, I think you're confused.

PapaBop343d ago

Pretty much this. Doing their own thing is important and it helps make them stand out BUT that's absolutely no excuse for some of the blatant lack of features that still don't exist on the Switch. As someone who still only has a passive interest in buying one, seeing stories about how you can't even send text based messages to online contacts just makes me want to wait another year before I even bother looking at it again. Don't even get me started on them going full retard in using a phone app to handle online social features.

Nintendo offers a sort of magic that you just can't find anywhere else and that's commendable but turning your nose up to industry standards isn't going to do them any favours in the Western market.

narsaku343d ago

I can't believe you tried to spin a positive trait from one of the most iconic game developers in gaming history into a negative competition spin.

Way to go.

Sony/M$ have WAY more to learn from Nintendo than vice versa. With Nintendo, if they got down their online service strategy and priced a bit more competitively they'd be pretty much on par for where it matters most.

When it comes to games/fun/iconic ip's/replay value/co-op gaming, Nintendo is the king.

..Nintendo Switch has a shitty UI, it's missing popular features from it's last gen console, it's video game library is small atm and it's online service needs lots of work.

..Funny.. These things were heavily defended on N4g just a few short years ago... Hmm.... Wonder why?

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corroios344d ago (Edited 344d ago )

in other words Microsoft and Sony didnt want to pay what we ask for the GPU and CPU and we were able to sell old tech to Nintendo at high price. They didnt try the newer Tegra X2 and bought the old X1 version. More Money to us.

A company that is hign end GPU reach more then 12 teraflops in 2017 is powering the Switch with a 0.5 gigaflop GPU... Well its easy to see the problems....

EddieNX 344d ago

Again, just acting likd thd Switch is just an underpowered home console and being ignorant to the fact that its a mobile device with decent mobile parts. Tegra X2 would of made Switch cost way more, would of made it bigger etc. They will most likely make a Switch plus that will use the X2 in a couple of years.

corroios344d ago

Nintendo does billions with many franchises and in my country the Switch, because of the fake demand, is already at 435 euros!!!!! Its just crazy.

Tegra X2 should be the tech used, because its far better in every department. baterie drain, power and its the chip isnt bigger. The console was launch this year and was maxed out on the first big game like Zelda, that is from the Wii U, that was also underpowered and expensive.

Of course that Sony or Microsoft would never go for something like this in 2017.

MrFisher21343d ago

I must have misheard and misread all of the articles stating the Switch was a home console first and portable 2nd. Hmmmmm

2pacalypsenow344d ago

Well Nvidia screwed Sony on the PS3 Chip, so I dont think Sony likes Nvidia very much.

Imalwaysright343d ago (Edited 343d ago )

And yet It was nvidia that didn't want the PS4 because according to them the margins would be terrible. Wise decision considering that they are the market leaders even if AMD put their chips in about what? 90 million consoles this generation or a number close to that.

Kun_ADR343d ago (Edited 343d ago )

"A company that is hign end GPU reach more then 12 teraflops in 2017 is powering the Switch with a 0.5 gigaflop GPU."

A 12tflop gpu that is put in a cpu case that won't even fit in your large backpack. See the problem? I give you that they should have used the X2, but with the price of the Switch already as high as it is, would a supposedly $350 to $400 switch with x2 chip interests alot of people? I don't think so.

FallenAngel1984344d ago

Nintendo also has some archaic ways of conducting business by neglecting various market trends until they absolutely have to acknowledge them

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