State of the Game - August 10th, 2017

#Summary This State of the Game focused on the release of Update 1.7 and revealed some additional changes that will be introduced into the game...

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AKS345d ago

This is an odd move my Massive. Many of their changes have been good, often with input from the community, but killing shields sound like a terrible idea. Stolen Signal will be a nightmare.

daBUSHwhaka345d ago

Massive are so out of touch with the Division its laughable.I cringe while watching these state of the games listening to the two buffoons rant on about stuff they know nothing about.Game will be truly dead soon enough.

nX344d ago

Am I glad I bought food instead of The Division with those 5 bucks they wanted from me.

Relientk77345d ago

Wow shield gonna be 30% weaker. That sucks

PFFT344d ago (Edited 344d ago )

Well that sucks. Ohh well.

EyeAmTJ343d ago

the shields we did have were already weak against strong NPC's smh

MagicBeanz344d ago

People still play this game?

Usperg344d ago

STAHP with these garbage replies, when YOU know full well there are plenty of people playing this game!

343d ago