N64 Mini Rumor Discussion

Ever since the hype of the SNES Mini, it is no surprise that the N64 may receive the same treatment. While nothing has been officially announced yet, these rumors certainly don’t seem so farfetched.

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PhoenixUp219d ago

If it were to exist it'd cost $100 and offer about 10 games

shinoff2183219d ago

Since the snes classic will have the never released star fox 2, maybe this could have that mother game that never came. Just have them finish it up real quick.

Just wishful thinking!

zacian218d ago

That would be absolutely amazing!! I didn't even think of that. It got pretty popular so who knows?

-GreenRanger219d ago (Edited 219d ago )

It will happen. 99% sure. It's only a matter of what games besides Mario 64, Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros., F-Zero, StarFox, Kirby, and both Zelda's. Most likely Yoshi's Story too. Maybe even Pokemon Stadium 1 & 2 or just the second one, and make it compatible with the GameBoy cartridge pack for the controller so you can play Pokemon RBY. Not a popular game at all, but I would've like Quest 64 on it too. If Microsoft plays nice like they do with Minecraft, they would let the Rare games on there as well... I mean why wouldn't they want some potential royalty?

zacian218d ago

That would be great, I am really hoping to see the Pokemon titles on there. I have to admit I would love if Pokemon Snap even made it in T_T . If there were a good amount of the games I love I would really look into buying one

-GreenRanger218d ago

Oh shit, I forgot to mentioned that gem. Yeah it MUST be in there!

InTheZoneAC217d ago

pokemon snap would be a waste of a "game" when they could offer something else.

InTheZoneAC217d ago

Preorders will be limited to 1 day and to 2 retailers, start your ebay watchlist now!

psuedo217d ago

Hey You Pikachu with improved voice recognition!

zacian217d ago

Thank would be awesome! To be honest, i think the original worked rather well!

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