FF Tactics Spiritual Successor 'Unsung Story' Has Died a Tragic Kickstarter Death

It's been a tumultuous journey since then. For nearly 18 months following the project closing at $660,000 pledged, Carlsbad-based developer Playdek was very non-commutative.

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PiNkFaIrYbOi311d ago

A sucker is born every second on Kickstarter.

MagicBeanz309d ago

Star Citizens $141 million crowd funded money says hi

Myst-Vearn309d ago

people who baked Star Citizens are the biggest suckers in the history of humans.

Bhuahahaha309d ago

its 150+m now lol and that thing will never leave alpha stage

narsaku309d ago


You're ignorant.
"Scratches head"

You'll be really popular here.

Princess_Pilfer309d ago

Funding a game you want to see made so it can be made isn't being a sucker. Projects fail. As long as you keep in mind that it could fail and are OK with that before you give them money you aren't a sucker.

Senboza309d ago

You are a sucker, because you gave a criminal some money together with thousands of others. You think he will use ALL his Kickstarter funds on SC?

Radiozero309d ago

Kickstarter is awesome. So many good things have come from it. Video games are the most problematic area sadly

Relientk77311d ago

Really want another Final Fantasy Tactics, or spiritual successor

RpgSama309d ago

There already is one, published by Square too, Children of Zodiarcs, look for it.

309d ago
DragonKnight309d ago

If you think Children of Zodiarcs is a true successor to Tactics, you need to either actually play Tactics, or play it again.

Tactics is a level of quality that hasn't been reproduced and, sorry to say, in this current gaming age it won't be reproduced. The game is damn near perfect on every level, and there is not going to be another alignment of planets to make that happen again unfortunately.

And that is a shame too. Because SE knows that Tactics is popular enough to warrant either a real sequel to Tactics (not that Advanced garbage), or a remaster/remake for an actual console and not a handheld. They know this because they put Ramza in a Dissidia game.

My guess is that they are not convinced they could do the deep, dark, adult story as good any more. And the fact that games like Final Fantasy XIII exist is proof that they'd be right about that.

narsaku309d ago

Tactics was really special, I'd love to see someone return to that formula.

Disgaea 5 was really good though. It's comedy/light hearted instead of serious storytelling but it's really good gameplay and cute too if you wanna give it a try. >:D

Scatpants309d ago

Sounds like a fitting title then.

SouljAx360309d ago

That title makes it sound like it's been cancelled. Game is still being worked on for those of you who only read titles, but not by the company who created the Kickstarter for it. And it will most likely end up a mobile game if it comes out at all but that's just my speculation.

InKnight7s309d ago

Yeah that what confused me he's implying a farwell for FFT but the content in the article isnt. Fan or hater?

Monduu309d ago

More like being rebuilt by the new dev... they're not using the original materials.
So essentially it's a "new game".

309d ago
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