It's Okay To Play Games On Easy

Ben Smith from Handsome Phantom reminds us that it's okay if you don't play ever game on nightmare mode.

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XMessiah23x126d ago

"I’d rather experience an amazing story in a fraction of the time than agonize over a single play area with a boss I can’t beat."

Exactly my sentiments. My current backlog of games is by far longer than I will ever get around to at this point I want to experience as many of them as I can.

Bigpappy125d ago

I usually go normal. If it's too annoying I'll drop it down. If its to easy (Diablo 3), I crank it up to feel a sense of resistance.

NerdBurglars126d ago

Hell yeah it is. I've played a lot of games on the hardest difficulty for trophies and achievements and I hated it almost every time. I play on easy and I remember the game for the great things in the game and not just how angry I got

ifrit_caress126d ago

It's perfectly fine to play a game on easy. Just remember that for most games, they weren't meant to be played on easy.

woozy126d ago

I never play on easy, always try to atchieve platinum i prefer no difficulty level at all, easy difficulty makes games dumb, that's the problem with games like horizon it would be better if would be much harder when it launched. easy is for kids. play at normal then try harder.

feraldrgn126d ago

I usually stick a game on the highest or 2nd highest difficulty & if the difficulty doesn't meld well with the gameplay then I'll switch it down to easy.
I usually prefer open world games on easy or normal for example, but linear games on hard.

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The story is too old to be commented.