Nintendo Switch Has Apparently Boosted Nvidia Tegra Revenue

— Nintendo Enthusiast:

Revenue generated by Nvidia Tegra chipsets has increased by $63 million since the Nintendo Switch launched back in March.

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AKR340d ago

Hello, I'm the author of this news post.

I used the term "apparently" to avoid any unintentional error. While I confirmed it with an industry analyst that Tegra revenue numbers did increase thanks to Switch sales, just wanted to make sure any trolls didn't have firepower since most people on this website (and others) love to only read headlines and never actually view the full stories.

Cobra951340d ago

Old writer here. I suggest using more assertive language in headlines, even when you need to hedge your bets. "Apparently" makes what it modifies seem shaky, or even illusive. An alternative would be "according to [this source]" or similar.

I understand your point. I'm only questioning the methods used to address it.

AKR340d ago

@Cobra951: Appreciate the feedback. I'll be more mindful of my titles in future posts.

InTheZoneAC341d ago

was revenue supposed to decline when you sell a product?

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory341d ago

This article title is wrong and not what actually happened.
It not apparently. It did boost the revenue by a lot.

AKR340d ago

The title isn't wrong, I made sure to write it out that way in order to avoid getting any flack from trolls that love to only read article headlines and not view the full story. That happens a lot on this website and others.

CaptainN341d ago

Step 1: Sell millions of chips to Nintendo

Step 2: Nintendo sells millions of Switches to customers

Step 3: Profits increase !?!?

Who would have guessed that would be the outcome. Welcome to business 101 everyone !!

TheUndertaker85340d ago

So Nvidia makes profit on already sold chips because Nintendo then sells the Switch and hands Nvidia more money? For what? Nintendo already paid for the chips.

Business 101 my ass.

InTheZoneAC340d ago

I know what you're saying and I'm not assuming the OP meant how you stated, but at the same time constant production after the initial shipment does follow the OP's statement.

porkChop340d ago (Edited 340d ago )

Uh, what? The point is that the sales continue, so Nvidia keeps producing more chips for Nintendo because the Switch keeps selling. Continued sales of chips means Nvidia's profits go up.

CaptainN340d ago

Lol, you obviously have taken the whole point of my comment out of context and misconstrued it to fit your unwarranted objection!

I suggest before coming with a rebuttal to a comment, you actually try to comprehend what the original comments goal was trying to achieve. Obviously sarcasm was something you missed growing up.

And btw,I never said Nintendo hands them "more money" for the chips they already purchased from them. But like others have stated, more chips will be bought after the initial batch, so yes the more Switches Nintendo sells,the more chips they buy,which means more profit for Nividia !!

Business101 is now in session!!

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The story is too old to be commented.