Tacoma's Inclusiveness Should Inspire Other Developers

Storytelling isn't Tacoma's only strong point.

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jznrpg428d ago

Developers should make what they want regardless of what others are doing

opinionated428d ago

"My fellow enthusiast, Steve Clist, wrote about how games with customizable characters bypassed diversity instead of discussing it head on"

This is why no developer should take these people seriously. Make games for your fans, make games you want to play. Don't aim to appease these morons. You can't win, it's a lost cause. If you make an outstanding Puerto Rican character the outrage culture will shift to some other pointless social revolution.

antikbaka428d ago

so developers shouldn't base games on their vision but on a social whims

VideoGamesAreDumb428d ago

Diversity is cool. Look at Overwatch.

KwietStorm428d ago

Perfect example of a good game that is actually overshadowed by its own diversity for the sake of diversity. And got game of the year for it. Hooray.

itBourne428d ago

Or people should stop trying to shove this down everyone's freaking throat....