Top 9 Modern Difficult Videogames That Are Worth The Challenge

Check out the games that Screen Critics reckons deliver the hardest challenge with the most fun

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maybelovehate74d ago

Zelda is a tough one to rank. It is hard until it's not. Amazing game regardless though.

Razzer74d ago

Exactly. Even when it is hard there is plenty of less demanding quests to help prepare for more difficult tasks. It is your typical RPG grind made more enjoyable with the shrines and such. It isn't difficult in the same way as bloodborne which kicks your ass from the word go.

G-haul74d ago

I wouldn't even say Bloodborne is that hard..

One of my favorite games next to Dark Souls 3, but once you learn the areas and the shortcut system in the game, it makes things a lot easier. Most bosses I beat in one try on my first playthrough, and I'm not a seasoned souls vet. I actually started with Dark Souls 3.

Now Dark Souls 2, that game is hard, and just plain stupid.

maybelovehate74d ago

@G-haul.. Bloodborne was tough. That last fight on the normal story took me hours. And those stupid guys that carry the bags.. Damn them.

G-haul74d ago

I still don't think it was that bad. It's not like the game is hard on purpose like people make it out to be is what I'm trying to say.

I've had harder times on normal hack and slash games than I have on a game like Bloodborne. The only thing I'll give to Bloodborne for being harder, and not necessarily harder, but more-so annoying, is the blood vial system vs the estus. You have to grind for blood vials if you're stuck at a hard part, which is kinda bunk.

Dark Souls 2, I'll never beat that though. I think the human effigy system is ridiculous, and the game punishes you for dying more than it realistically should.

They made the movement system clunky on purpose, it takes 84 years to drink an estus, and the game just tries to be hard on purpose.

FinalFantasyFanatic73d ago (Edited 73d ago )

I consider the difficulty in most Zelda games to be just right, I wouldn't say their hard games. Most times I play a Zelda game, I make a nice steady advancement during a session. Almost every other game on that list though is a completely different beast.

Sciurus_vulgaris74d ago

I've beaten Dark Soul 1-3, and Bloodborne. The challenging aspect of Soulsborne games, is figuring them out. Beating Souls games has helped me with other games, oddly even compete shooters. I also think Ori and Blind Forest: Definitive Edition, Halo 5 solo Legendary, and Donkey Tropical Freeze, where so of the more difficult games I beat this gen. I haven't gotten around to trying Ni-Oh, games cost too much in Canada. I flat-out gave up on Super Meatboy.

joab77774d ago

Super Meatboy is on a whole nother level lol! And Nioh is awesome!

Sciurus_vulgaris74d ago

Super Meatboy, was the first game since Ninja Gaiden Black on hard (which I beat), to make my hands sweat heavily. I just couldn't handle it.

maybelovehate74d ago

Yeah I gave up on Super Meat Boy too lol. Ori was pretty tough, awesome game

Sciurus_vulgaris74d ago

Ori is MS's best new franchise this gen.

CBaoth73d ago

amigo make sure Nioh is somehow played by you this gen. If you like souls games, this one is fantastic. The Diablo style loot system makes the game always seem fresh as every corner you turn there's a kick ass weapon or armor waiting for you. One of the few games where I bought the season pass, it's my GotY of 2017. Yes even over Horizon and Zelda and P5

BlackTar18774d ago

Xcom 2 commander difficulty on ironman mode is insane difficulty

Asuka74d ago

Pretty sure Armored Core (any title) is harder than most of these titles. Damn near impossible to get SS rank in any mission. Last one i played was 4nswer, and remember how much of a bitch it was taking down White Glint on hard let alone SS rank... and f*ck The Answerer haha. Games are pretty niche tho... really want a current gen Armored Core make it happen From.

joab77774d ago

It's where it all began.

FinalFantasyFanatic73d ago

There's still a chance we'll get Armored Core this gen since it was kinda hinted at that one might be in the works. I've sorely missed that series and hardly anyone seems to want it as much as I do.

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