Is ‘Destiny’ still worth playing or should you wait for ‘Destiny 2’?

Mic writes: "With 'Destiny 2' coming soon, you can bet we'll see a price drop in the original game. Is 'Destiny' still worth playing though?"

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PCrising10d ago

Or rather just wait for Anthem all together?

nX10d ago

Yeah, not even Destiny 2 might be worth playing. Anthem looks much more promising imo.

kbozz719d ago

Or you could just wait for three or four years after Anthem. Surely there will be something much better coming along. Then again, a few years more after that, something even better. Hell, why play anything at all? Just keep waiting lol. I'll play them all now and just have fun while fanboys argue over subjective opinions about who's opinion is correct.

nX8d ago

^lol if you actually "have fun" with yet another Destiny then that's your problem, not ours.
I for one had enough of the endless corridor grinding.

Shin-Zantetsuken10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

Anthem is still too far away. Moreover, it is just a 3rd person Destiny from what has been announced by now. It is a 10 year plan similar to Destiny. It is an always-online multiplayer shooter similar too Destiny. It will also be about loot and grind just like Destiny. Finally, you can bet it will also have season pass, dlcs, expansions and microtransactions just like Destiny. If someone doesnt likes Destiny then there is very little chance they will like Anthem. I have seen some people who think Anthem is a single player RPG as they bash Destiny for being always-online loot shoot grinding multiplayer game. Lol

Anyway OT, I am still playing Destiny 1 just for the fun factor. PvP is very fun on a daily basis and strikes are also fun on occasional basis. There is no overarching goal for me now like reaching max light level, gathering rare gear or something else. It is just for fun. I will probably quit playing it once D2 is out.

3-4-510d ago

I'll be playing both Destiny 2 & Anthem. They both look awesome.

JeffGUNZ5d ago

Shhh! You're not allowed to be rational here, you know that.

butchertroll9d ago

Wait, you'll wait for Anthem for year instead play Destiny 2 for year until Anthem release?

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Psychotica10d ago

A price drop? Try trading the game in at Gamestop they literally offer you <$3.00 for it

nX10d ago

thats at least 2 cheezeburgers tho, much more than you'd get out of Destiny (okay that was weak)

UnHoly_One10d ago

I've been playing it pretty hardcore again the last couple weeks, it's still an amazing game.

jugo1410d ago

why is this even a question. Thought its pretty obvious that its no. Even destiny 2 isnt worth it. Why keep playing the first one when nothing transfers over except the look of your guardian. The destiny community is some of the most toxic and stupid people Ive ever encountered.

JeffGUNZ5d ago

Really? Almost all the people I have played with on LFG groups (PvE only) have been pleasently great and frienidly people. I have been gaming for 25 years and Destiny has the most friendly and fun group of people I have played with. I have added countless people to my friends list since launch. I mean, I only play PvE so I am not sure if PvP is more douch-e?

jugo145d ago

this is utterly false. You must have played with a very small amount of people and don't dare tell me otherwise because I already know its complete bs

JeffGUNZ4d ago

@ Jugo14
Why would I make that up lol? Perhaps it's like my comment said, I didn't play PvP much, you know, the mode where you play AGAINST people. I played PvE, where players worked together to beat strikes, raids, nightfalls, etc. It makes sense those players would be more friendly since teamwork is important than that of playing PvP where you fight against other people. Check my bungie Destiny numbers, CDxJeffGUNZ and you'll see the countless hours I played the game, so I believe I played with a lot of different people, especially since I did a lot of LFG and was not in a clan (hard to have dedicated clan when you're 32 with a demanding career, and a family).

cfc839d ago

Destiny is decent. I played it recently, but i'm not too bothered about getting D2 too early. I started playing Battlefield 3 again on back compat/ea access, and i also got BF1. I'll still play Titanfall 2 and Halo 5. I can't be bothered with unproven hype games such as anthem. If i had to look forward to any MP, it would be red dead 2, and TLOU2.

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