It’s Confirmed: Final Fantasy XV Prompto Shooter VR Is Not Going to Happen

It’s unfortunate that we will never get to experience what was showcased back at E3 2016.

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Rangerman1208219d ago

Meh. The trailer didn't looked that good to be honest.

-Foxtrot219d ago

Just move on from FFXV I say. Work on FFXVI

TheDreamCorridor218d ago

Why would they abandon the best Final Fantasy in recent memory?

-Foxtrot218d ago

It's the best because FF13 was so shit

pietro1212218d ago

What are you talking about? Square is still supporting FF14

Outlawzz218d ago

I didn't really like it honestly. I like the change in the combat but the story was absent, one of my main reasons for playing any ff game. I liked the movie it really set the game up but then you get to the game and it's just like wt happened lol

-GreenRanger218d ago (Edited 218d ago )


It's an MMO so no shit? Yes they should move on to FFXVI. FFXV was pretty good, but gamers will be dying for a new FF eventually.

andrewsquall217d ago

@TheDreamCorridor Haha what kind of an answer is that? FFVII at the time was the best FF in recent memory and we got a brand new critically acclaimed FF game 2 years later. Then FFIX, another 10/10 scored FF game only a year and half AND THEN a next gen FF game only ONE year later.

Some people just forget how good we had it sometimes. Now its takes almost 7 years to get mediocre crap that wasn't worth it.

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Derceto218d ago (Edited 218d ago )

Wow. SE stops itself from releasing yet another shovelware FF "game". Maybe there's hope yet. Now sell off Deus Ex to someone who will treat it properly already you morons.

Fullmetalevolust218d ago

I would've preferred that game over Monster of the deep, especially if they were going to make a solid experience out of it.

generic-user-name218d ago

As a huge believer in PSVR, good, that looked trash.

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The story is too old to be commented.