Amazon Blowout Digital Video Game Deals: Weekly Update (Up to 90% Off)


"The latest digital deals on PS4, Xbox One, PC, 3DS, Xbox 360, PS3, PS Vita, and Wii U are LIVE and we’ve got all the updates and highlights. Discounts up to 90% or more are available!"

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Supernintendo85339d ago

Nothing really noteworthy here.

Cobra951339d ago

I didn't see a single game at 90% discount. Anything good was over half retail price. Sorry. No sale.


Hellblade and Lawbreakers are normal price. How EXACLY is this up to 90% off again?

ziggurcat338d ago

how exactly do people expect games that literally just came out this week to be 90% off?


I don't expect that but I guess you're missing the point so let me help you understand. When Amazon advertises a game sale with prices up to 90% off then they put out a list of games on sale they should actually list GAMES THAT ARE ON SALE! Those two games are NOT o sale so why would they be on that list? Makes sense now? Yes? Good...

mocaak338d ago

Amazon didn't advertise anything, there is no auch thing as "Blowout Digital" sale on Amazon.


It doesn't matter WHO advertises it ok. What matters is it's misleading. I'm sure that even YOU can understand that.

babadivad338d ago

Are they serious with this shit??

Tankbusta40338d ago

Lawbreaks and Hellblade are mentioned at MSRP LOL

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