ReCore: Definitive Edition releases on August 29

IndianNoob has new details regarding ReCore: Definitive Edition.

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uptownsoul345d ago (Edited 345d ago )

Wait, so ReCore is getting a definitive edition but the only difference is 1 new mission? Am I reading that correctly?

(I know others might point to the other 2 things in the tweet, but those should be patched in the the existing version anyways)

N4Gwarrior344d ago

That's kinda new area with new stuff to do.

Thatguy-310344d ago

Remastered of a current gen game releasing on current gen hardware.....LMAO crazy how they have no shame.

TWB344d ago

Remastering a game for the same machine technically isnt a bad idea, as long as its handled well. For example, Dying Light Enhanced Edition claims that they reworked several small details like the animations and included all the DLC. The update was free for existing users.

Rimeskeem346d ago

You shouldn't have to make a definitive addition of such a new game. That just seems like money grabbing.

Sonic_Vs_Mario344d ago (Edited 344d ago )

ReCore definitive version is free for those who own the disc or digitally version.

Free = Money Grab?????

The existing game will have extra DLCs, you don't have to restart the game to gain all of the achievements again.

344d ago
N4Gwarrior344d ago

We still don't know if the update is free or not. So, how can you be so sure?

Sonic_Vs_Mario344d ago (Edited 344d ago )


The game image has been updated to the definitive version

MegamanXXX344d ago (Edited 344d ago )

Played this game on PC and it sucked especially the awful loading time. Tried to get a refund for it. At least it was better than Godzilla

Yohshida344d ago

Long loading times on the PC version? Must be your pc tho.

N4Gwarrior344d ago

Nope. The game actually had some optimisation issues.

Yohshida344d ago

That is true, but mostly on XBOX. If you have a decent PC, it runs fine.

MegamanXXX344d ago (Edited 344d ago )

The first time it came out it wasn't optimized. At the time I had a gtx 980

SaveFerris344d ago

Is this the game with the missing 5th robot? Or has it now been added?

N4Gwarrior344d ago

It is coming as an update.

Yohshida344d ago

"We haven’t received any details regarding this “T8NK” thing but when things changes we’ll definitely update you."

Just do some research and you receive details. Back in March they posted this:
"We wanted to share that we continue to work on the T8-NK frame, HDR, and more exciting content for ReCore. Stay tuned, Far Eden Adventurers!"

In July:
"The team is currently working on some awesome updates and we plan to share more very soon. Thanks for waiting!"

And Yesterday:
"The team is working on some awesome updates and we will have an announcement soon! Thank you for waiting with us. We know it's been a while!"

Basically, the game is getting a graphical and frame rate bump (the GIF looks way better than the OG game). HDR will be added soon and a XBOX ONE X Update will come aswell. They will add the "missing" area and the T8NK into the game. The Area couldn't get accessed because of this Bot that is needed to reach it, probably wasn't finished upon release. I want them to add a new weapon and Upgrades also.

I just hope the DLC will be free for all current owners of the game, they sold us a unfinished game and this would be a great way to get people back into it.

Also about the T8NK, its basically a Vehicle Bot that lets you travel faster through Far Eden and gets you over Quicksand (which right now isn't possible)

monkey602344d ago

As it is this may be one of the most pointless definitive editions I've seen. They can't turn around in a few months time again and attempt to sell an expansion pass or pro edition again

Yohshida344d ago

why should they come out with another edition? The Game came out almost a year ago. They reworked it and release a DEFINITIVE EDITION of the game with the additional DLC.

monkey602344d ago

I was responding to you saying you hope all the DLC will be free.

stuna1344d ago

So in other words Microsoft sold those who bought the original game an unfinished game that just getting finished with the definitive version!? Yet people support this company? Just for giggles, how long has Recore been out again? Definitely long enough for Microsoft to patch the ending of the game in.

freshslicepizza344d ago

Grey Goo got definitive editions, Sleeping Dogs did too, the Witcher gets GOTY editions as do many other games, what's your problem again other than this game being linked to Microsoft?


I wonder if you posted the same thing about no man's sky.

stuna1344d ago

The game couldn't be completed without the robot! As for No man's Sky I didn't buy the game.

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