What Hellblade and LawBreakers Success Means for the Gaming Industry?

With the success of Hellblade Senua's Sacrifice and Lawbreakers does this
mean we might see more bold indie studios to make bigger more expansive
games? What do games like Hellblade open the way for a new trend of less
expensive medium triple A games?

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Princess_Pilfer340d ago

Me too. It's about time AAA games were rescued from the crappy practices of most every AAA publisher.

Zero_Suit_Samus341d ago

LawBreakers was far from a success. Hellblade on the other hand...

rdgneoz3340d ago

And the people that made both games are far from being called indie. They're independent, but they've worked on big name titles for well known publishers. Bleszinski helped make the Unreal series, Gears, and Bulletstorm, while Ninja theory has made the DMC reboot, Heavenly Sword, and Enslaved (and helped with Disney Infinity).

NewMonday340d ago

"..far from being called indie. They're independent"


KwietStorm340d ago


"indie" is just short for independent. It means it's a smaller studio with less money, far less overhead, and not owned by a big publisher. Experience has nothing to do with it. They are either independent, or they are not. (Hint: they are)

Segata340d ago

@rdgneoz3 I agree with you. Cliff owns 2 Ferrari's. He's far from indie. He was calling himself indie when he still worked at Epic. Bleh.

Rachel_Alucard340d ago

Lawbreakers died before it even came out. Less people are playing Lawbreakers then Battleborn. At least Battleborn had a higher peak when it launched but Lawbreakers had like 2/3s of that.

TankCrossing340d ago (Edited 340d ago )

Kwietstorm kinda proving exactly what rdgneoz3 is saying with that. Indie may literally just mean independent, but people associate the term with "smaller studios with less money", which doesn't really apply.

These games come from one very well established studio, and one new studio led by a hugely successful and respected industry figurehead. They're not exactly struggling to fund and publish games...

Would you expect to see someone like CDPR turn up at an Indie jam event with a 50-strong development team? No, it's a totally different scene.

We need a new term for those small teams, working entirely off their own backs with no reputation or foot in the industry. Indie start-ups and such.

Bathyj340d ago

indie has always meant a smaller independent team, with smaller budgets, smaller games. It has never just meant the team is literally independent.

Insomniac are independent. Are they Indies? Are Remedy? There are dozens of big, independent devs, that would not qualify as "indie".

rainslacker340d ago (Edited 340d ago )


Just because people bastardized the term to be a derogatory slur to single out games that seemed more appropriate to mobile devices as opposed to the console games we expect, doesn't meant hat they are far from being called indie.

Indie devs have existed a long time. Longer than structured devs owned by a publisher. Both games were made in a way that is most common to indie games.


The only requirement to be indie is that the developer is self owned. How they're funded, or their size, is irrelevant.

Epic Games and Insomniac are indie, and they're both large companies who can get generous development budgets. Housemarque is a small indie dev who can get reasonable amounts of funding. The guy in his garage may have no funding beyond his savings or paycheck, but is also indie.

It's a rather all-encompassing term.


No, that's just the way people use it nowadays. Often times in a derogatory manner.

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-Foxtrot340d ago

I was going to say...I haven't heard from it in months.

I've just heard about Hellblade alot at the minute

SCW1982341d ago

Someone needs to inform this person on Lawbreakers "success."

kdmitchell_toh340d ago

I don't think Lawbreakers qualifies as a success. It's launch numbers has been reported as being lower than Battleborn's numbers. That's pretty depressing, as the game did receive a lot of hype and praise. Now, Hellblade, well that game is just fantastic.

KwietStorm340d ago

Lawbreakers is a fantastic game itself, but it has gotten far less media attention than Hellblade, which is really a shame for such a refreshing shooter that does a lot of things right, including the price for a multiplayer-only game. I would like to see word of mouth translate to consistent sales over time.

macadoshus340d ago

Man lawbreakers was trash to me...just my opinion..I think this was something Cliff put out to fund something bigger..just saying

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