Michael Jackson Is (likely) The Reason Sonic 3 Is An Issue for Sega

The former King of Pop, Michael Jackson, is the sole reason why, when it comes to nostalgia trips, Sega always veers away from Sonic 3.

Well, perhaps not the sole reason, but his long-rumoured (now semi-confirmed) work on Sonic 3’s music and the copyright issues that go along with something like that certainly haven’t helped Sonic 3’s ability to be re-released, tampered with and dissected in most guises.

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FallenAngel1984220d ago

It's a shame this wasn't rereleased on PSN or iOS cuz of that whole debacle

219d ago
Yukes219d ago

Oh come on. Don't blame it on the good times... blame it on the boogie.

derkasan219d ago

Brad Buxer is probably demanding a pretty penny for the licensing.

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The story is too old to be commented.