7 Suggestions for Next Sony Handheld Console – If Sony Makes Another One

Sony found success in the handheld console space when it launched the PlayStation Portable (PSP) back in 2005 (2004 in Japan). It was a huge win for the company, with Nintendo finally getting a formidable and worthy contender after years of dominance thanks to the Game Boy family.

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FallenAngel1984341d ago

It'd be difficult for Sony to actually make another handheld PlayStation for various reasons

ILostMyMind341d ago

-All DS4 buttons;
-720p screen (no more than that);
-Be compatible with PS4 in all features;
-Have Cross-Buy;
-Cost $ 200.

Be like that and it will be a success.

Orpheo341d ago

- Also come with a good amount of internal storage plus offer affordable expandable storage.
- Offer EVERY feature from all past PlayStation handhelds!
-- Connect handheld to monitor to game on big screen (PSP)
-- Sync a Dual Shock controller to game with (PSP-GO)
-- Offer a free comic book / e-book reader app with access to those books online (PSP)
-- Allow access to a multitude of apps (PS-Vita)
-- Be backwards compatible with all PSP, PSP-Mini, PS Mobile, PS1, & Vita games (PS-Vita)
-- Allow a dock screen selection, such as a clock (PSP-GO)
-- Allow handheld games to ti-in story & feature - wise with console counterparts (PSP & Vita)

one2thr340d ago (Edited 340d ago )

--Clickable analog sticks, for R3 and L3.
--Physical R2 and L2 buttons, that can be used by both middle fingers
--At least 5MP cameras for the front and rear facing camera

340d ago
CocoaBrother341d ago

Support the system.

I love my Vita(waiting for Digimon sequel and Persona Dancing All Night sequels) but Sony dropped support for the system way too soon. It's a shame too cause it's a great handheld.

Razzer340d ago

Agree with removing the rear touchscreen. Also junk the camera. Keep it simple

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The story is too old to be commented.