How is GTA V So Popular?

Today on The Xbox Dive, Chris and James discuss the process of reviewing Video Games. What criteria should a review use? Does autonomy hurt the Industry? They use their experience with reviewing games to help shed some light on this controversial topic.

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chris235467d ago

would have liked to find out what the reasons are for this strange success.. but unfortunatley you still think videos are a good thing on news sites.

neolego463d ago (Edited 463d ago )

The conversations that we have on The Xbox Dive revolve around news that has broken. As we discussed at the beginning, the news of GTA V's sales is what kicked off this topic. From the basis of the news, we try to analyze and discuss what we feel is the reason for those huge sales. We are not industry professionals, as many people on N4G aren't, so this is our attempt at unpacking the news.

I am sorry that you don't find that valuable enough for N4G. If this was an issue, then N4G wouldn't offer not 1, but 2 options to post videos, so if you have a problem with the content you might want to review what N4G allows because we are well within those guidelines. This is what The Xbox Dive does, for future reference. We do appreciate you watching and leaving honest feedback.

GamesMaster1982467d ago

Because it's GTA its's that simple.

Nu461d ago

The game appeals to every age group.