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"This game has truly shown what makes the PS4 so special. The Persona series needs to become a staple and not release once every console generation, it needs to be as frequent as Final Fantasy games and the Tales series."

Michael from Gameondaily reviews Persona 5.

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gangsta_red494d ago

An excellent game. Was so impressed with this title, I really wish they have do more soon.

Septic494d ago

I need to get on this too. Heard amazing things. The quirky Japanese nature of it seems right down my falafel

Relientk77494d ago

I love JRPGing. Still playing it, an absolute masterpiece

DivineAssault 494d ago

Yep.. The very best JRPG this gen & possibly ever..

Why o why494d ago

I woke up one morning thinking tactics on how to beat the final boss. .


Don't judge me

Imalwaysright494d ago (Edited 494d ago )

I did it on the 1st try on merciless difficulty... but I put around 160 hours on my 1st playthrough because those high level personas weren't at all cheap and I spent many hours grinding for money to afford their fusion so I was probably on a much higher level than you when I fought against the final boss... totally worth it though!!

Why o why494d ago (Edited 494d ago )

Weird story but I was on a loop where I started the boss with the the wrong starting lineup. I didn't want to quit and do the lead up and first part of the boss again so I kept restarting after death. .

This happened for a couple days. I left my shit on rest mode.

One day my misses used the station and switched it off fully when she finished. Forced me to start the last bit fresh and how I wanted. I escaped the fights on the lead up and beat the boss one time. . . . . I'd done around 150 hours too. Now I'm on my next run. This time I'll max out everyone including the twins.

Lol @cockyness gif. . . .

gangsta_red493d ago

I want to try and max out all my confidants. And also get those powerful personas by leveling up more.

Imalwaysright494d ago

Definetely the best of this generation and definetely one of the best ever.

S2Killinit494d ago

If you havent picked this up yet. Do it.

GameBoyColor493d ago

I think Shadowverse is a better jrpg but it's still a close second.