SNES Classic Mini pre-order Update - Pre-orders available now, but hurry!

SNES Classic Mini pre-orders available now at website that offers international shipping

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ApexWolf22345d ago

I hate that I have hunt down a preorder before it's even available, like wtf Nintendo? Do they not like making money. I never managed to get a mini nes either...these things would sell if Nintendo made more...

Relientk77345d ago

I wish Nintendo would just make a ton of them, but they probably won't

dmonee344d ago (Edited 344d ago )

I agree. Once different retailers announced the pre orders, they were "unavailable or sold out!" Seriously, WTF!
Just looked again, no worries, people are already selling their pre orders for double the price! Just effing awesome......

arkard345d ago

At this point is scalpers more than fans looking for this thing. They saw that the mini nes was worth money so they are going to buy up well the stock of this one as well. .

Relientk77345d ago

So the people who actually want them, probably won't get one

Agent_00_Revan345d ago

Even less do this time around.

81BX345d ago

Yeah. Honestly I've lost interest. The last time was a crap show. This is looking the same. About 1 month and a half out and nothing solid yet? I hope they learned from last time :(

qu1ckset345d ago

Still haven't seen preorders open up in Canada

Wolf873344d ago

Retailers here saying expect it around last week of August.

Mr Lahey345d ago

I'll stick to my Snes9x on my android TV. Got about 300 games on my TV. 👌

GordonKnight345d ago

Nintendo is really condoning piracy with the small amounts of these retro system that are produced .

kevnb345d ago

when you want to sell something officially you have to pay license fees..

letsa_go345d ago

I got launchbox going. I am up to around 5,000 retro console and arcade games. 🙈

AuditorGamer344d ago (Edited 344d ago )

How does that perform with HDMI on a smartTV? Is the resolution improved?

letsa_go344d ago

@AuditorGamer I got the Samsung KS8000 which has 22.7 ms lag at 4k. I haven't noticed any issues, and am able to play the street fighter games, megaman games with no issues. Just played through the original looks a lot better when you enable extra sprites in the NES emulator. Resolution is awesome on my 4k tv, I turn off all the filters, effects, and scanlines so I can see the crisp pixel art. It's awesome!

FITSniper345d ago

Still no pre-orders in the US.

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The story is too old to be commented.