A Special Thanks to Blizzard for Diablo III

Blizzard are often under fire with the issues that often plague Diablo III, but more than anything they deserve credit for the experience.

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Mr Marvel254d ago

One of my all time favourite games and by far my most played (literally thousands of hours).
Brilliant game!

narsaku254d ago

Listen, it's a good game for what it is. But it's a literal insult of a sequel, and a black spot on the Diablo franchise.

Path of Exile smashes this trashy game, and it's an indy from first timers.. There's a reason why they copied several POE systems in their, "anti Jay Wilson", post development.

Glad you liked it though.

narsaku254d ago

Why do they deserve credit for casualfying the best action RPG franchise on the planet?

It's a gigantic dumb'd down ps3 game cloaked as a pc game so the fans didn't immediately go crazy.. The graphics were terrible at release, the gameplay is insultingly linear, the story was a complete fkn joke that beyond trying to shock people at every turn, was downright insulting for any Diablo fan to endure.

The amazing pvp system was removed after Blizzcon 2010 which had INSANELY high praise, the stat system was removed as well, "retards added it back in years later! Hah!"

The community was completely dead on arrival with 4 player max games and even more importantly not being able to name your games anymore and post them for people to see... The chat area outside of the game was a joke as well.

..Bringing the butcher and king Leoric back?... Just because, "as a glorified console pos game", D1 had both of them in the early game so they could rake in console nostalgia??? Are you kidding?

The paragon system is a complete joke, magic finding is a complete joke, clans are all but pointless, gear finding is all but pointless..

This could go on for pages. I'm dead serious. As good as Diablo 3 is if you called it, "Demon Wars", instead, it's a horrible sequel.

Blizzard shouldn't be praised for ruining something as amazing as the legacy of D1/D2. They were the most popular games in the world in their own time for a reason. There was no need to flat out make it a worse game. None.