Immersion Says Sony Is Behind in Terms of Rumble Features Compared to Microsoft and Nintendo

Immersion Corporation believes that Sony is behind in terms of rumble features compared to Microsoft and Nintendo.

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XiNatsuDragnel9d ago

I agree hopefully Dualshock 5 will improve the rumble

Obscure_Observer9d ago

It doesn´t suck. But Sony can do better. Hope they will.

dirkdady8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

Isn't this the company that got into a lawsuit with Sony during PS3 days?

Just checked - yep Sony and immersion have a rocky history with sony's forcrfeedback patent they acquired from Logitech vs immersions patent. Latest I can tell Sony settled with immersion agreeing to use their patent for PS3. Microsoft deftinly using immersion patent but not clear if Sony still using it or they developed a different tech for PS4 - which may explain such a sour comment from immersion especially if Sony were a current client.

oONinjavitiSOo9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

oONinjavitisOo Says his couch Is Behind in Terms of sitting features compared to other couches. ;)

GamingIVfun8d ago

Nintendo new rumble feature is extremely weak, and I have yet to really notice Xbox ones trigger rumble, I mean if I really make an effort to notice, it's there but not very noticeable other wise.

mozzie8d ago

@GamingIVfun if you play a lot of racing games on xbox one like me, you start to notice that something's missing when breaking or the car shifts gears on other consoles. (including xbox 360) it just feels wrong to me when there's no impulse triggers.

shaggy23038d ago


The reason you probably haven't noticed it is that there are only a few games that is the rumble triggers, and all of them are the Forza series (not sure about Forza Horizon series)

I have to agree with Mozzie though, after playing Forza 5 and then going over to Need for Speed, you really do notice the lack of rumble, I used it as a guide to when my tires were starting to lose traction.

GamerFanboi9d ago

Doesn’t have to be DS5. A Dualshock 4 Pro would be very much welcome.

chrisx9d ago ShowReplies(6)
AspiringProGenji9d ago

It seems like rumble is a afterthought for them after the PS2. I really liked playing BF4 with the Xbone controller because of the rumble. Every gun felt so good to shoot and feel

rainslacker8d ago

Rumble has never been that big a deal for me. It's not often used in a compelling way. Force feedback on the other hand can add a lot to one's experience where it's available, which is only in wheels for consoles at the moment, so really just in racing games.

To me, rumble is rumble. It's either more rumble or less. There is no HD rumble, just more motors with more settings to provide different level of rumbles. Behind behind just means fewer options with the motors involved.

DarXyde8d ago

It's one of those things you miss when it's absent. I actually hate the SIXAXIS. Not necessarily because it lacks force feedback, but the weight was offputting .

nitus108d ago


You hate the SIXAXIS because of weight?

The Six-axis sensor is just that a "sensor" and is located on the circuit board of the controller. If you took it out it would most likely weigh a few tenths of a gram or to put it terms you can easily understand about the same weight as a small aspirin tablet.

The weight of the dual shock 4 controller is 210 grams (7.4 oz) compared to the 278 grams (9.8 oz)of the XBox one controller. If the DS4's weight is off-putting that must mean you like the heavier XB1 controller which does not have six-axis (tilt motion sensor) or a touchpad or a built in speaker.

BTW. The six-axis sensor, touchpad and built in speaker are only used if the game software supports them.

InTheZoneAC8d ago


he hates the weight of the sixaxis because it is super light, not because of the weight of the sensor -____-

What's funny is that people are paying for modded controllers without the rumble motors, the same people that were against the sixaxis controller...

While rumble in the triggers would be nice for racing games the dualshock does a good enough job for everything else. I have a thrustmaster t300 setup for racing games now so I'm not concerned about it too much. Games like NFS and if we ever get another burnout will be played with a controller, but I'll be fine as always.

My guess is sony is trying to patent their own or have someone else outside of immersion do their next rumble upgrade for ps5.

DarXyde8d ago


I'm talking about the controller that shipped at launch with the PlayStation 3 (three), not the DualShock 4 (four).

There's a very salient weight difference been the SIXAXIS and DualShock 3. You likely misread what I wrote.

rainslacker8d ago


I can understand the weight thing. It is exceptionally light compared to other controllers that do have rumble. It doesn't bother me much though, because I tend to play with the controller in my lap, and I adjust to whatever I'm using.

But I experience what you do when going back to some other retro systems. Most of them are super light controllers, and it can be a bit disorienting at first.

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badz1498d ago

if rumble is such a defining features, we would have more gaming mouse (mice?) with rumble by now. rumble is great addition but nowhere near a defining feature. if it's not there at all, then it makes it feels like holding a hollow controller like the SIXAXIS was but honestly I think there's no need to go really over the top with it. saying that, I think the rumble in DS4 is just fine

InTheZoneAC8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

that's because pc master race don't care about immersion in games, they only care about resolution and refresh rates. They would rather play at a desk with lifeless mice and keyboards, think about play a game. Sure you get all those extra macros and keystrokes, but it doesn't make up for the natural feeling of a controller.

A controller in my hands with rumble sitting in front of the tv, it doesn't get better than that.

Relientk779d ago

I've never played any PS4 game and was like wow the rumble sucks lol

chrisx9d ago

This is exactly how I feel lol

Kratos_Kart20079d ago

I want 4K HD Rumble Immersion VR Stimulation....

Fishy Fingers9d ago

They’re not saying it sucks, don’t be so dramatic, rather the others do it a little better.

Anyone who’s played with the different pads could probably testify that the DS has room for improvement in the rumble department

k2d8d ago

Hey.. Gotta have a reason not to like the PS4.

BlackTar1878d ago

I have played with most pads Fishy and i have no idea what you're talking about. it all feels the same that same feeling is not that big of deal for all of them.

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EddieNX 9d ago

Once youve experienced the HD rumble on Switch , all the old ones suck. I'm 100 % certain ps5 and nextbox will have it. Old rumble feels really dated in comparison.

kneon9d ago

Pfft, HD? It's got to be 4k HDR rumble or they might as well just pack it in and go home

EddieNX 9d ago

lol at downvotes, its just a simple fact , the Switches rumble is in a completely different league, I mean look at the demos of what it can do. it can simulate objects etc.

grashopper8d ago

Other than them mentioning the ice cube thing prior to launch have you actually felt anything that didn't feel like a plain old any controller rumble? So far I've only played Zelda, Mario kart , and snipperclips but I haven't felt anything that stood out. I want to see what it's capable of.

rainslacker8d ago

I've experienced it, and it just feels like the pad is vibrating. Same as it is on every other rumble controller from any number of manufactuers. Rumble is based on the number of motors, and how they can rumble. It can go from shaking to just vibrating. From bouncing to shocking.

All in all though, the controllers of today have rumble features far behind any toy found in an adult store.

Angeljuice8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

It's a vibrating controller, like every other rumble, it's there but it is virtually unnoticeable unless it's missing.
"HD rumble" is a bit of marketing bs, the fact that you use the term instead of just calling it rumble suggests you are susceptible to corporate manipulation.

stupidusername8d ago

I have a switch and I love it but I don't know what you're talking about. Played zelda for a month on switch and I started on Horizon on PS4 last week, and I've never felt that the Switch in any way had a superior rumble feature. It might be that Zelda is a bad example? Which games are you playing?

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Sitdown9d ago

Most of us never watched our SD TVs and was like wow this picture sucks.

Christopher9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

I've experienced rumble and turned it off every time. I've never returned my HD television to get back my old 480 television.

Rumble, while important to some, is a side feature, not a defining one.

As the person cited works with rumble technology, he's apt to tal