Yes, Gran Turismo Sport has a career mode and this is how it works

Polyphony Digital is taking a new approach to its famous series for Gran Turismo Sport, but will you embrace the change?

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SlappingOysters343d ago

I know people are ragging on GT Sport for cutting back the career, but I want that FIA license!

JaguarEvolved343d ago

I can't wait to buy this day one.

Sam Fisher343d ago

Im gonna follow you from now on, you usually stay in the gray zone. Never attacking anyone.

So back to this article
They should bring back the licensing from the ps1/2 gen, teaches ppl to understand what is truly driving, and creates noobs into pros, or separates them. That way it feels like a fair game.

Like if you have a reg d license, you can go against only d license members, you can drive any car (no limits) but rewards are less, the greater the license the better the rewards on the higher races, this creates a more ranked feel or a fun non ranked feel

yeahokwhatever342d ago

From what it sounds like, these systems are already in GT Sport, just not as straight forward or in your face as the old games.

DeadSilence343d ago

We know most people these days want eSports and online bs but for me GT was all about my garage and testing all my cars across a huge single player mode, I couldn't care less about online racing games so yeah I'm pissed and I hope it fails not because I don't like PD but because I love GT and I want a TRUE GT 7 made next.

SlappingOysters343d ago

I don't want to be the bearer of bad news, but Kaz isn't likely to do a GT7 - - although that does not mean that a more fully developed career won't end up in GT Sport 2

craig2web343d ago

Then Sony may need to do an intervention, because a GT7 in the spirit of previous installments of the GT series is what many (if not most) of the fans of this series wants.

yeahokwhatever342d ago

Thats entirely a matter of misunderstanding from fans because of silly article titles. Wait for the game to come out, word of mouth to spread, and this game to be the highest selling of the series since GT4.

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rainslacker343d ago (Edited 343d ago )

Career mode in this game seems more like an extensive tutorial one has to complete to get to actual races, although I assume regular races are available without going through all that...probably unranked if I had to guess.

This isn't what I'm looking for in a racing game. All the tutorial stuff is fine as a secondary objective, but making it a focus to get to the meat of the game is just going to be a real grind.

When it comes to GT, I don't mind the grind at times, but often, I just want to load up a track, pick a car, and race some races.

This game sounds more like a chore than a fun experience, and because of that, I'm losing interest fast. I'll get it when it's cheap.

I don't play games to get liceneses for stuff I'm not interested in. At no point in my life with something of that nature be in anyway relevant to my career path, nor will it net me anything beyond some bragging rights to people who probably won't care either. A PSN trophy is about as relevant to me, if not more so, and I'd imagine the vast majority of players out there who also couldn't care about having a piece of paper saying they now have an FIA license.

The license is great for those who want it, but it shouldn't have been made a primary focus of the first next gen GT game. It's disregarding the rather large casual crowd that has come to love GT over the years, it alienates the hardcore who just want a better version of the prior games, and it ultimately means the game itself is more a staging ground for a 3rd party to get their name out there and have some sort of clout among the racing community, as opposed to just being a solid racer with a little bit of something for everyone. For you, it was the garage, for me it was the fun races and just how far you wanted to take your career and racing assets.

I've had fun with DriveClub, and that could easily take part of the place that GT had for me over the years, but it's future is in doubt with the dev being shut down. I really hope Sony doesn't feel that this new model for GT is the best way to take the series going forward. The creator of GT has always been kind of a do his own thing kind of guy, but Sony needs to consider it's fan base and realize that while change is important, too much change can often be bad.. At this point, this isn't even a GT game as we know it. It's not even a prologue or A-Spec type version. Sony should have done this with a new IP or GT spinoff, and just improved on GT proper. GT sells very well....even when it does poorly, so why alienate the fan base in the hopes of gaining traction with a much smaller fan base?

yeahokwhatever342d ago

"testing all my cars across a huge single player mode" GT:S lets you do this. You can tune and drive any car on any track alone, with AI, or real people. You're literally making an argument for a pre-race and post-race splash screen that says "career" instead of "campaign". You have to look at it from a feature perspective and what it is you're looking for. Believe me, nobody is a bigger GT fan than I. (I still use my PS2 for GT3 and 4) I was pretty upset at first with the new changes in GT:S, but then realized that ultimately this new approach is more in-line with what I end up doing anyways. Spending hours trying to beat my lap times on a specific course by way of tuning trial and error and technique improvements. Its what Gran Turismo means to me as a series.

Orpheo342d ago

I don't necessarily hope it fails, but I agree with your views. I'll be holding off for GT7.

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jokerisalive343d ago

So basically hearing it from the horses mouth there will not be a GT7....this game is a major letdown for me and I will be skipping it and getting PC2 for my Pro.

OffRoadKing343d ago

Which is funny cause he actually never said that, he said "I immediately got a lot of inspiration and a lot of ideas came up", and the dude writing this article took that as GT7 was never happening and you people believe him. smh