LawBreakers Launches Outside Steam's Top 100 Most Played Games.

When the beta for LawBreakers in June peaked at 7.5k players on Steam, we suggested that the upcoming class-based shooter could flop. When the second open beta one month later had 40% less players, we knew that the game’s August launch was in trouble.

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Fishy Fingers71d ago

How long until they move to a F2P model I wonder...?

ShawnardAgain71d ago

Bought it on ps4 and loving it.

Fluke_Skywalker71d ago

I have to admit I tried the beta and didn't really think much of it. It wasn't a bad game by any means, it just didn't do anything interesting enough to be worth my time.

OffRoadKing71d ago

Same, it was fun for a bit but got bland after a short while, Felt to much like old FPS games of the past with a modern Overwatch like coat of paint applied.

theshredded71d ago (Edited 71d ago )

A $30 MP fps game isn't something people would want, they'd much rather save for a fully fleshed $60 MP fps game. They should've went f2p or made it a third person game which would be much better since we don't have a definitive multiplatform tps game that focuses only on shooting.

cfc8371d ago

So Cliff, what d'ya think of xbox now ?

EddieT71d ago

He probably still likes it like he always has just not the fanboys.

vega27571d ago (Edited 71d ago )

@ cfc83

Pretty sure He burnt that bridge.

71d ago
Fishy Fingers71d ago

If it didn’t sell on XB I doubt that would be down to his comments. Which were basically, ‘small team going where the install bases are’.

And for one, most gamers don’t follow the industry outside of mainstream advertising, they certainly don’t concern themselves with developer comments and secondly, gamers are incredibly fickle, see how quickly Gabes PS3 comments were forgotten etc.

vega27571d ago

@ fishy fingers

I'm pretty sure it won't because of his comment and calling other developers liars when it came to how quick they were able to port their games to xbox one x.

There's fanboys on all platforms. But when you choose to be a D-bag, instead of just promoting you're game. Don't be surprised by the outcome.

Also having a bigger install base doesn't guarantee a lot of sales. Guess he's learning that lesson the hard way.

bluefox75571d ago

He didn't have a problem with Xbox as far as I know. He complained about Xbox fanboys being childish, and frankly, you're not helping to debunk that.

moegooner8870d ago

If it didn't sell well on PC, that actually reaffirms that he made the right decision by not releasing it on Xbox.

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