Will Microsoft's Claims of "Uncompromised 4K" Hurt the Xbox One X?

At E3 2016, Microsoft announced its flagship console, Project Scorpio, to much fanfare and possibly just as much skepticism. Here was a console that was big on power and big on promises. Perhaps most notable was the promise of Project Scorpio being able to deliver uncompromised 4K gaming.

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chrisx221d ago (Edited 221d ago )

We all know ms loves misleading people with these kind of false statements. Thing is the hardcores(who this console is for)will get this no matter what ms says whether its true or not.

Septic221d ago

The hardcore are a more discerning bunch so any flase statements like playing like playing the Witcher 2 on PS3 will obviously make them ridicule and critique those that make them.

I think the 1X's so called uncompromised 4K is already compromised so people, especially the hard-core are aware of that.

BUT regardless, some naysayers appear to be forgetting/ignoring the fact that 1X will be the most powerful console on the planet come fall and will certainly be making less compromises than anyone else in the market. Therefore, I think any 'hurt that Xbox feels will be minimal.

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Death220d ago


When you claim your console is better because it has more games, you are still participating in the penis measuring contest, you're just using a different ruler to make yours feel bigger.

If you are one of the people that ignores all third party games and buys every exclusive that comes out, the PS4 is absolutely the console to get. If you are part of the much larger community of gamers that buys significantly more third party games, you have choices. If you are a fan of some of the Playstation exclusives, the PS4 is the better choice since it will play all the third party games as well and that is ok. If you are looking for the most powerful console and are content playing the highest fidelity third party games and the occasional Xbox exclusive, then Xbox One X is a great choice.

From what I am seeing, the Xbox One X will have features and benefits everyone can use. Obviously 4K HDTV owners will get more out of it. PS4 will have more games, but that is only relevant if they are games you want. It seems like some Playstation fans feel having more games to choose from is more important than features and benefits everyone can use. If Playstation fans bought more games it might be a valid argument. Realistically Xbox owners aren't having a problem buying games so I'm not sure why having more games you are not buying is so important. It seems that is the only thing Playstation has over Xbox which is why it has become so important.

darthv72220d ago

If I remember correctly... MS can only speak about "their" games and not speak for the 3rd parties. So the uncompromised 4k is focused on games like gears, halo, forza, recore, killer instinct... the ones their studios developed.

Many confuse MS message as speaking for everyone who released a game on the xbo and that isn't true.

Eonjay219d ago

It won't hurt but it won't help. More importantly, we need Microsoft to stop the false PR. No one else would get away with their strong of lies.

mocaak219d ago (Edited 219d ago )

Newest console will be the most powerful? Just like PS4 has been for 3 years, and PS4 Pro has been for the past year? What's so impressive about that? All newer consoles, besides Nintendos, become most powerful in the world. Technology goes forward, not backwards.

They lied about it being a pure 4K console, and that's a fact, there is no spinning that around. Stop defending them.

As it stands right now, it's just a low-mid range gaming Windows Store PC in a console form, without any exclusives.

Godmars290219d ago

@Septic, Death:
"BUT regardless, some naysayers appear to be forgetting/ignoring the fact that 1X will be the most powerful console on the planet come fall and will certainly be making less compromises than anyone else in the market. Therefore, I think any 'hurt that Xbox feels will be minimal."

"When you claim your console is better because it has more games, you are still participating in the penis measuring contest, you're just using a different ruler to make yours feel bigger."

We might as well be arguing PS2 vs OG Xbox. One had power, the other game library. The only real difference from then to now: both Sony and MS made games where only one largely gives lip service.

JaguarEvolved219d ago

Microsoft claims of exclusive titles will hurt because they haven't any exclusive games

MrFisher21219d ago (Edited 219d ago )

MS lost this Gen. And this will not help. I'm all for a powerful console. But I want console exclusives to harness that power. This will not have that. MS can not flash new IPs around so they must go down the power route. Which is fine. But it's going to play 3rd party games a little better? If I was that concerned I would build a PC for that. And make them all much better. I guess some enjoy less for the cost of more.

corroios219d ago

But microsoft lied yet again. Another one after all the secret sauce. They didnt deliver. Thats the fact. A 499 price tag for something that doesnt do 4k in all games? In late 2017? Called the beast?

showtimefolks219d ago


True 4k checkerboarding power

the beast in last place

4Sh0w219d ago (Edited 219d ago )

chrisx, ehat galse statements this has been repeatedly printed on every gaming site since Project Scorpio eas announced at E3 June 2016:

June 2016
Xbox head Phil Spencer has said that he won't mandate games to be 4K on Scorpio.

June 2016
"If developers want to use those 6 teraflops in other ways they’re free to do that.” -Phil Spencer

-Why is it so hard to understand that they emphasize a strength with "true 4K" marketing because it will have higher res and more native 4K games than it's competitor?

rainslacker219d ago

If I'm understanding your point, you're saying that since the hardcore are more discerning, it doesn't matter that MS is using misleading marketing to sell their console?

Not really sure since you were all over the place, and then ended with something unrelated about it being the most powerful console, which isn't the topic here, so it wasn't a matter of forgetting, it's just someone not bringing it up because it wasn't relevant to MS marketing plan.

Basically, if there are compromises, it's not uncompromised. And when every big game they showed at E3 was compromised, it kind of comes across that MS wanted the narratve to start that it would be uncompromised so the fan boys could go on about it for a year, while leaving themselves an out where the fan boys could come back and say that MS never promised it.

Playing both sides of the fence as it were.

Bigpappy219d ago (Edited 219d ago )

All 1st party games are Native 4K. People shouting "Liar" should look in the mirror sometimes. Often you guy make statements like: "the X has no games", The "PS pro can do every thing the X1 can"; X1X can not run AAA games at native 4K"; "MS said every game on X1 will run 4K60" ... Those are the real lies.

OffRoadKing219d ago

No one is forgetting or ignoring that, but smart people know all the power in the world doesn't make a system great. So your consoles the most powerful, ok now what?

SCW1982219d ago (Edited 219d ago )


Curious to know how the PS4 Pro is considered misleading.

DoubleM70219d ago

Nah they not forgetting they just trying to throw shade on the 1X. It's the most powerful now they need to just get over it and play games.

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FATHASUN218d ago

I guess moving forward that tagline will be used by any manufacturer of the newest console which logically becomes "the worlds most powerful console". Until the next most powerful console in the world comes along.

A constant game of leapfrog... One-upmanship etc...

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DevilOgreFish220d ago

It's up to the developers to decide how to use the Xb1 X. 3rd party developers can take advantage of the 4k feature but are not "required" to. Microsoft also isn't responsible for negligence made by 3rd party developers. that being said Microsoft does claim that there will be many existing games in native 4k.

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2pacalypsenow219d ago (Edited 219d ago )

That's a cop out both Sony And MS use. If the hardware was capable, all devs would make it native 4k that's why you dont see checkerboard rendering on PC.

andrewsquall219d ago

@CyberThug1080i Most of the games you just listed have not been confirmed as "NATIVE 4K" that you just said. They are "TRUE 4K" games in "TRUE" Microsoft use of the words where nobody knows if it is actually native 4K. Try again.

rainslacker219d ago

MS is responsible for obfuscating "true 4K" and what it would mean though.

trainsgofast219d ago

Good job and what most don't get is that all MS games are N4k/30-60fps, dynamic resolution is in fact if it's 2160p or higher is native 4k+.

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Genkins220d ago (Edited 220d ago )

I wonder though about the accuracy of the claims. when has MS ever mentioned that "ALL" games on scorpio will be native 4k. ??? this was never mentioned. the only thing mentioned in Scorpio's propaganda was "enable" true 4k gaming". sneaky SOBs.

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Eonjay219d ago

I don't think Sony or Microsoft should be catering to 4k or at least they should make sure both provide solid 1080p. That is what is gonna benifit most people and we could really push fidelity. Then next gen give us solid 4k . I am not chasing a new TV for them. If we wait we can get some of those better TVs for cheap.

2pacalypsenow219d ago (Edited 219d ago )

If someone says Uncompromised 4k gaming, it means games will be 4k without compromises, checkerboard rendering is a compromise.

Now if he had said, "most" games will be uncompromised, that would different.

The way he said it, made it sound like all games will be native 4k which a lot of people over the last year claimed, and made fun of the Pro's checkerboard rendering, and how the Pro is not a 4k console because of this.

To me I don't care, checkerboard and native look the same on my C7, just like most people don't even know majority of the 4k Blu Rays are not even mastered in 4k, and they cant tell the difference.

Christopher219d ago (Edited 219d ago )

They called it a true/uncompromising 4k machine. The only inference one can gain from that is it would play all content in 4k. Otherwise that wouldn't be true.

They misstepped on that line and used it too often to make it a one off mistake.

That's been my only contention with their promotion of the X.

rainslacker219d ago (Edited 219d ago )

They always ascerted that it was up to the developer on how to use the power.

But Spencer said at the reveal that they were giving devs the power now to deliver uncompromised 4K. The assertion was that it would be readily capable of doing such a thing, and MS never bothered to curb people's expectations that it would be fairly ubiquitous. After this E3, it's become more apparent that the power isn't there to offer uncompromised 4K on a large scale across a lot of games. Some games will achieve it, but most probably won't.

It's not that they outright lied, it's that they were disingenuous in their marketing by propagating the idea that it would be commonly available.

Most of the problem came that the fan boy expeectations became a thing that it would be common, and it was either directly stated or heavily implied that it would offer up native 4K much more frequently than we're seeing so far. If they hadn't of done that, or MS actually was more assertive that it would probably not live up to those expectations(like Phil did with DX12 long ago), then it wouldn't be quite the issue it is now.

As it is now though, Xbox fan boys are flip flopping on their prior assertions that it would be more ubiquitous, and saying "Well, MS never said it'd be for all games". All the while, those of us who have been saying it wouldn't be ubiquitous since MS first said "uncompromised 4K" are called haters, all while avoiding the fact they weren't of that mindset before this past E3.

DJStotty218d ago

Exactly, its just fanboys spinning microsofts words. They stated the console can do uncrompromised 4K, which it can.

I watched the reveal and even i knew off the bat that not all games will be 4K native, Its not a case of the power isnt there, its a case of developer compromise.

DJStotty218d ago

@khalnaayak So if the xbox one x is "compromised 4K" what does that make the PS4 Pro? "Even more compromised 4K"?

DJStotty218d ago

@2pocalypse To you maybe, but in the e3 reveal they said "uncompromised 4K" both xbox one x and PS4 Pro can do "uncompromised 4K" all it takes to do that is create a game that is 4K Native. Forza 7 is "uncompromised" so their statement is correct

shaggy2303218d ago


You mean the "joke jaguar" that is in both the PS4 and PS4 Pro? also your talking about "compromised 4K", again is that like the "compromised 4K" that the PS4 Pro does?

2pacalypsenow218d ago (Edited 218d ago )


Right so then why did MS downplay the PRO saying it's not a true 4k machine and that they compare it to the Xbox 1 S?? If both machines have Native and upscaled 4k games..

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RommyReigns219d ago

MS spins more than Crash Bandicoot

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S2Killinit219d ago (Edited 219d ago )

But honestly, is anyone suprised that MS exaggerated AGAIN? Honestly. At this point if you dont expect to be a little misled by MS, its your own damn fault.

andrewsquall219d ago

@Septic "But regardless, some naysayers appear to be forgetting/ignoring the fact that 1X will be the most powerful console on the planet come fall and will certainly be making less compromises than anyone else in the market."

Lol why do people like you keep making that statement??? We ALL know it. Nobody is denying that and it ISN'T an excuse and insta-wins all arguments "regardless". Seriously, how does XboneX being the most powerful console of all time excuse the lies about "uncompromised 4K" lol?

What other naysayers appear to be forgetting/ignoring like yourself is the fact that XboneX is going to be sadly held back by its baby 2004 ddr3 smaller Xbone sibling. We've known this since it was announced at E3 2016 and even after the extra clarification that XboneX ISN'T a next gen console, that you claimed it was, after that processor reveal in April, you are still clearly ignoring that fact.

bigevil1x219d ago

Like do you spit or swallow when Sony unzip there paints? or do you bend over or???? Just asking it seem like you take ps4 controllers up the add when you taking...

bigevil1x219d ago (Edited 219d ago )

I guess u didn't read this

zb1ftw777219d ago

You must have a short memory.

The Sony CEO claimed the PS3 would deliver 180fps games !!

IRetrouk218d ago

Yeah when the prototype ps3 still had two cells, why do people forget that.

2pacalypsenow218d ago (Edited 218d ago )

Ps3 was supposed to be a lot more powerful, but they ran into issues (Nvidia gave them a gimped 7800 on the RSX, they promised a more powerful GPU). He said that in 2005 when the PS3 was still in development.

And like @IRetrouk said, it originally had two cell processors but last minute they ditched the 2nd Cell and had Nvidia quickly make a GPU for it.

Also he said 120fps not 180fps.

Unspoken219d ago

Probably because their fans know better. Their statements are actually directed at the delusional Sony club to pop their little bubbles and get them mashing their keyboard furiously. LoL

EyeAmTJ219d ago

just like Sony & those Toy Story movie type graphics & the all powerful Cell chip

DarXyde219d ago

Honestly, I don't think many people will care about the claim of "uncompromised 4K". The way I see it, if it can upscale or checkerboard, that claim was never meant to be treated as absolute.

Look at it this way: Pro was introduced as a 4K- capable console. It's not outselling the base model. I believe the same principle applies for One X. Those that care, will. They are, put candidly, the minority.

In reality, I don't think that-- of the minority interested in One X or Pro -- anyone really cares if it's uncompromised 4k or not. I think most of that subgroup is more concerned about supra-1080p resolutions/ performance. You're still making use of a 4k display since TVs don't really do anything between 1080p and 4k natively so anything above full HD is probably a great thing.

To be brief, I don't think anyone really cares if it's uncompromised or not. They play the same games anyway.

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mark_parch218d ago

We will only be able to tell after 6 months or more when games are actually out on the console. shadow of war has been confirmed native 4k which is impressive

narsaku218d ago

Wtf are you smoking? M$ has been playing consumer trust catchup this entire generation, the people who've been misleading everyone this generation the most has been Sony.

Relientk77218d ago


You mean like yelling Exclusive like 40 times during an E3 press conference, when the games aren't even exclusive

trooper_218d ago

I've said it once and I'll say it again. The XB brand needs heavy hitters to demonstrate this power. Multiplats won't cut it because average Joe isn't going to buy a 500+ console for just 4k multiplats.

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PhoenixUp221d ago

Microsoft's bound to do their trademark backtracking eventually like they've been doing all generation

darthv72220d ago

If there is one backtrack i hope they do it's their stance on no exclusive games for the X. They will flip that switch when the time is right and the X then becomes their new base platform for games moving forward into the next gen.

Godmars290219d ago

Not seeing the point in going exclusive for them. Not when trying to sell a base system (XB1) a premium (XbX) and then the "bridge" platform (PC). With PS4/Pro we likely wont see any real Pro-only games, but then the power difference between those two platforms isn't much. Unlike the Xb1 and XbX, the latter of which was specifically designed to be more powerful than the Pro while the PS4 outclasses the Xb1.

In all that mess the term "exclusive" is really only a PR term. Even for Sony at this point.

notachance219d ago

perhaps 3-4 years down the line when 4K is the norm and OG XB1 can't handle the workload but definitely not soon, all it'd do is angering XB1/XB1S owners if the game turned out to be perfectly capable running on OG model.

TKCMuzzer218d ago

Are you an Xbox Fan. Have you literally just championed ditching all current Xbox Ones and their owners in favour of fully supporting a mid gen upgrade? No wonder you champion anything MS do, that is pretty much their attitude on the console market, as soon as a new console is on the way, ditch all acknowledgement and support of the last one......oh that is until you release your new one, don't sell as many as you wanted, don't make any new games, then have to push the previous gens games as a selling point on new hardware.
Gamers like yourself help create this loop for MS and as long as you keep jumping through the hoops you will have the same issues with every generation of console released.

cleft5219d ago

They need to be careful with those kinds of claims in general because the statement is ambiguous. Which is a problem for the UK because they have laws that protect them from claims of overt false advertisement. When a company claims they have "Uncompromised 4k" or "True 4k" there is an assumption on the part of the consumer that this is referring to native 4k. However, not all games on the Xbox One X will run at native 4k. So, it can become a case where that is viewed as false advertisement.

I get their desire to distinguish the Xbox One X from the PS4 Pro in terms of power and performance. However, it can be a slippery slope that gets them sued.

rainslacker219d ago

They don't have to. The Xbox fan boys are doing plenty of that for them.

aconnellan219d ago

"Like they've been doing all generation"

You say that like it's a bad thing. Are you saying you would have rathered they keep their original always-online vision?

Raiden219d ago

If any MS in-house exclusives don't hit the 4k native true 4k or whatever other 4k then we can blast them 100%, but if all there games do 4k, then once again it down to developers, I'm not quick to point the fingers yet, I'll wait for the games review via DF.

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corroios220d ago (Edited 220d ago )

because its a huge lie and that destroyed many arguments of the hardcore gamers that for the last year were talking about how the X will do 4k in every games.

Hell, they even try to say that the X was a 4k/60 frames console because of the new Forza.... it was using just 66% of the power of the console....That was shutdown at E3, where big games were doing, like they say about the pro, chinese checkboard....

it also a PR nightmare because the console cant be labelled as a true 4k console. In other words it cost 499, is coming in november and doesnt do 4k on all games...

Its powerfull, but its not a beast....

darthv72220d ago

Are you saying that MS's games (ones specifically developed by their studios) wont do 4k? for 3rd parties i can see that but MS has said they are offering no compromise 4k and didnt say anything about the 3rd parties. they can't speak for the rest... only themselves. So it's really those games that you have to look at with a microscope to see if they are delivering on their word.

corroios220d ago

im saying the PR of the machine is true 4k. They never told anyone that was only on first party games or only on racers. They talked about uncompromised 4k and try to downplay checkboard of the PRO, that is 25% cheaper and from 2016. They try to use Forza 4/60 to trick some gamers in to think it was a 4k60 machine, because how do you sell a expensive console that is coming in late 2017, almost 2018, that doenst do 4k without problems? After more almost one year and half talking about power and more power.

In the end is just another lie, we saw that with Anthem, that is coming in 2018 and not in 4k, like many more games.


So it's only for the games developed by MS studios? So like 4 or 5 games in the lifetime of the console?

TKCMuzzer218d ago

1st party, 3rd part, makes no difference, unless you can guarantee its across the board its not a true statement. They should have checked this with 3rd party devs before making such statements.

MrFisher21219d ago

Oh how that tuned changed once the specs came out. Lol.

Raiden219d ago

That was developers choice checkerboard is less work, once again it up to the developers, they want the game out asap, they wanted to showcase new titles AC ANTHEM and both have checkerboard effects, let's what happens at next E3, let's all count how many checkerboard effects are found, I can tell know will be MS, BUT games from 3rd parties maybe because it will be easier to port, but regardless of checkerboard all games will look and receive a visual boost.
I'm not defending MS or X1X, I'm just state points that you should thing of first.

corroios218d ago

I understand your point of view, but what im saying is that after all the 180 done by Microsoft this gen. They cant afford more...

The X should be able to do 4k in every game because is coming late 2017 and because they hype from e3 at 2016. Tons of news about that, huge «battles» on the comment section about 4k and fake 4k.

Mark Cerny warned that for true 4k a console would need something like 8.7 teraflops and sony went with a cheap upgrade, because even if they went with a 499 price tag they couldnt say that was a true 4K Machine, because it would lack the raw power needed.

Raiden, i think that Microsoft will have another problem with its next machine, because if the X is sold like a 4k machine, how will they sell the next Box? 8k machine?

FallenAngel1984220d ago

People will enjoy whatever marketing BS that Microsoft spews as long as it gets them hyped

220d ago
Unspoken219d ago (Edited 219d ago )

Yep, more delusional Sony fans hyped up over non sense. Look how many in this article alone! Lol MS will have the most powerful console, the first 6 TF console, containing a UHD drive, that will hit 4K more consistently than any other sub par consoles on the market.

Now I just need to wait for my pre order.

218d ago
Bhuahahaha219d ago

just like the powa of d cloud

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