No Man’s Sky 1.3 Update Will Release This Week; First Details Revealed

ThisGenGaming says "The first details of No Man's Sky 1.3 update have been revealed which will be coming this week."

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joab777494d ago

So looking forward to this!

FoxyGotGame494d ago (Edited 494d ago )

Those who judge other ppls game habits/preferences/tastes is the poor one ...very poor indeed.


@Joab777 Cannot wait to get back into deep space. No Man's Sky is so relaxing and wonderful!

Lord_Sloth494d ago

"I hate this game so Imma click on it's articles to pick on people that like it."

mkis007494d ago

Me as well. A shame others can't just not like the game, they have to waste their time with negative words towards others who do enjoy it.

DaDrunkenJester494d ago

Welcome to the internet and n4g friendo haha

showtimefolks494d ago

After that launch it nice to see them not give up and actually make proper improvements via community feedback

No doubt launch wasn't smooth but I also think many gamers had in their mind for what no man sky will be instead of what it was actually gonna be

I think by summer 2018 no man sky will be one of the best hidden gems and will have even a bigger dedicated fanbase

DaDrunkenJester494d ago

Well if they did learn from their mistakes and take all these improvements and make a sequel... I'll consider it. At this point I have 0 interest of picking it up still.

Goldby494d ago

But why bother scrapping the foundation they have in place for a new one that could have a rocky launch just like this when they could improve on what is already laid out.

DaDrunkenJester493d ago


Because i refuse to buy this one out of principle.

Goldby493d ago


Your loss then.

showtimefolks492d ago


I think you should rethink that because if they keep updating with more content and you can pick up the game for $10 why not

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jlove4life494d ago

No man sky like an ex that cheated wasnt that great in the beginning now a yr later she "says i changed i missed you i'm nothing like i was will you be with me" so what do we do pass or give it another shot since we have history

one2thr494d ago

Bad attempt.

Mission failed, you'll get'em next time.

thorstein494d ago (Edited 494d ago )

"When we posted those cassettes we didn’t know what to expect. In the last eight weeks a quarter of a million players from across the globe (174 countries, to be precise!) have come together – united by a shared love of mystery and science fiction – to form the Citizen Science Division. "

'nuff said.

Perjoss494d ago

You seem to have very little experience with both No Man's Sky and girlfriends

NeoGamer232494d ago

When a game is hyped for a couple years and then it is released and not that great they need to do something special to bring it back to life for those people that paid full price on day one and received disappointment. Sony has done this a few times this generation. Namely No Man's Sky and DriveClub. Microsoft isn't much better... Touting games like Scalebound and Fable Legends than not ever delivering them. But at least I didn't have to pay to find out they were going to be less than AAA experiences.

Just like the cheating ex. They have to show more than just words. Frankly, if a an ex cheated on me their chances to come back are somewhere between none and non-existent. I can forgive, but I would never forget and a partner in life needs to have your full trust.

jlove4life494d ago

Wise words neo u r the matrix

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Vizigoth04494d ago

I just want a VR patch. Seriously guys. Let's make it happen.

mixelon494d ago

That would be weirdly difficult to do.. I’ve played it with vorpx in Windows.. I’m pretty sure they haven’t modelled full cockpits. I wouldn’t say it’s impossible, but it’s not very pleasant playing it with the cockpit stuck to your head like a giant clunky helmet. :D

Otherwise though it’s pretty fun on a headset.

Dario_DC494d ago

Yeah these games really need to be made for VR to work.

instantstupor494d ago (Edited 494d ago )

I wouldn't count it out, but I'm guessing that would be a "last on the list" kind of thing. They are addressing all of the issues people had with content and structure. That all comes first. We know Sean talked about messing around with VR before launch, so that is why I hold out hope it might happen.

A PC VR version seems doable enough if they do ultimately put the resources into a VR update. However, given the middling performance I've experienced playing on my original PS4, my gut say's they'd need to make the PSVR mode Pro exclusive - and I don't think Sony goes for that kind of thing. Lots of little things make me think VR mode is a pipe dream...though I'd have NEVER thought they'd continue putting meaningful, free content out a year later either, so who knows.

I'd LOVE it if they did it though, as this is the kind of game I can see truly shining in VR!

twiggytree12494d ago

It's fun to play in cinema mode, you should give it a try if you haven't!

UnHoly_One494d ago

Did they ever add any PS4 Pro support, HDR or anything?

Jeff257494d ago

Yes they did. With the last update they added support for Pro and you can kind of customize how it looks. That includes turning off HDR but honestly you wouldn't need to since they patched that too. Initially HDR was really messed up and caused the color scheme to mess up. A hit fix corrected that and it looks amazing in HDR.

Dojan123494d ago

I bet some people who passed on the game would pick it up if they came out with a VR patch. Of course a lot would be on the resale market but they would get some money via digital sales.

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SaveFerris494d ago

I may return to the game just to see the changes.

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