Hopes for Upcoming Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

I have to say that I think the Pokémon games have been getting better with these recent generations. With it being out for over 20 years, we have got to experience many different Pokémon games. Now, what should we expect from the newest installment?

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InTheZoneAC369d ago

Just started playing sun and got a level 60 legendary from a gift....who I'll not use until I've leveled up 40 more times since that would be op and boring. What does ultra provide or is it basically the same?

zacian369d ago

That's exciting -to be honest they do something like that every game with random promotions and stuff. I'm one of those people that hoards legendaries but never actually uses them on their team xD the games not our yet so we have to wait and see

Name Last Name369d ago (Edited 369d ago )

They're like Black/White 2. Same world, different story.

PS: That legendary won't listen to you in battle untill you complete enough Island Challenges (Gyms)

InTheZoneAC369d ago

I already used him in battle once to kill whatever Pokemon it was in one hit, said nope not using him again for awhile and this was before I started the first trials intro.