First Person Shooters Cause Brain Damage According to New Study from the University of Montreal

COGconnected - A new study by the University of Montreal suggests that playing first person shooters long term can have adverse effects on the brain.

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Sciurus_vulgaris126d ago

Over what time span was the 90hrs of FPS games played? Was it days,weeks, or months?

Goldby126d ago

plus no control group... there is definitely not enough info at least in this article to actually conclude that FPS cause the hippocampus. to shrink in size.

Sciurus_vulgaris126d ago

Yah, completed a biology degree and did expermints, observational studies and data collection. This studio, simply doesn't add up.

Eonjay124d ago

This explains everything...
*goes back to playing COD*

RacerX124d ago

I am always play FPS... . No drain bamage here.

Fist4achin124d ago

@ Racerx

You're killing me here! I love it!!!

Army_of_Darkness124d ago

Which is it social media?! potential serial killer or mentally retarded?! I can't be both!!

IndieFolk124d ago (Edited 124d ago )

@RacerX: lol

ChronoJoe124d ago

You can't really create a control group. Because the control would be people who played video games, but didn't stimulate anything...

The have a pseudo control, which is the 3D platforming group. They played video games, but not shooters.

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Sciurus_vulgaris126d ago

@myself ..... please check what you write. Your phone likes to make typos.

Silly Mammo124d ago

Is it your phone or is it the brain damage?

Sciurus_vulgaris124d ago

@Silly Mammo

I have played over 90hrs of FPS. Therefore, I must have severe, irreversiable brain damage.

oONinjavitiSOo124d ago

Hamburgers Cause Brain Damage According to New Study from the University of Montreal ;)

pcz124d ago

Depends on the game you play.

COD causes severe, irreversible brain damage, for example.

ArmrdChaos124d ago

Not sure about brain damage, but it great for causing Tourette's Syndrome.

0Day124d ago

I don’t know why but your comment is making me laugh uncontrollably.

The_KELRaTH124d ago

I think it's likely a similar time that watching pr0n will blind you lol

TacoTaru124d ago

I would guess that if they took the time to compare these people to a group forced to watch 90 hours of reality tv they would find similar (if not worse) results. I vote for a ban on reality tv.

psyxon124d ago

csgo's playerbase is proof of this tho.

NecoTehSergal123d ago

Gotta love when data is either manipulated or leads to inconclusive and biased results with missing examples, likely a fault of experimenter bias.

They throw a bunch of food-starved South Koreans playing Starcraft into a room to play 90 hours non-stop and then go "Look how braindead they are, this means all games of similar genre damage you!"


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XiNatsuDragnel126d ago

Nope psuedoscentific BS some professors i know wants to talk to you. Things don't add up.

kneon124d ago

Maybe they're on to something. I've come across plenty of people online who appear to be brain damaged, at least I hope they are because there is no excuse for such moronic behavior from a fully functioning person.

goken124d ago Show
MecheSlays124d ago

I can say after putting tons of hours into FPS games my reflexes and hand eye coordination are the only things that I gained out of it. I personally find it harder to think deeply about things. After starting to play 2 years ago

zerocarnage123d ago

Unfortunately fps games are where those people lurk.

I actually think the people who have come out and said this obviously have been saying cod and just got into a little flame war online and the end result to them is anger equals brain damage lol

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porkChop126d ago

Over 90 hours? Bruh, I've poured thousands of hours into first person shooters. Sometimes I play for 5+ hours a day. I don't have any brain damage.

Goldby126d ago

some may point out that the capital letter normally begins the word. but we'll just skip that ;)

porkChop125d ago

LOL. It took me a good while to figure out wth you were talking about haha.

FarEastOrient124d ago

If this study is true, I should be in a coma by now.

The7Reaper124d ago

He's probably on mobile because my phone will automatically capitalise the first letter of a word after I use a period.

JackBNimble124d ago

I've been gaming for 30 some odd years , I should be dead.

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FloydianAndroid124d ago

I don't agree with the article, but at the same time you can't just say you don't have brain damage unless you've went and actually had a scan done. You don't always "feel" like you have brain damage. It can go unknown for years.

zerocarnage123d ago

Then check downstairs, if your putting that much time into fps games the brain certainly is damaged from no action lol lol.

The poor guy downstairs.

CKPan123d ago

Nah...I do believe anyone plays 90 hr straight will cause brain damage, I have been there I couldn't remember what time was it.

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annoyedgamer126d ago ShowReplies(2)
wonderfulmonkeyman125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

"First Person Shooters Cause Brain Damage"

Well, so does the stupidity of this article. Zing!

narsaku124d ago

Educating yourself causes you brain damage?..

You know, lots of people know how dangerous smoking/gambling can be, but they still do it because they're self respecting adults who can make their own choices.. Right?

..I don't think any gambler yells out brain damage when when reading an article about gambling destroying peoples lives. They might not like it.. But...

This is more of a case for, "not wanting to see the truth", rightt?

..Just go play some games. This information was never for gamers anyways. It's the conquest for knowledge.

wonderfulmonkeyman124d ago

Cripes, man, have you never heard of a joke?

gbsrnctaln124d ago

FPS's have damaged your sense of humor bro.