Epic DDOS themselves when launching Paragon v.42 - Status update

The Paragon servers are still offline but there is now a full status update from Epic explaining what went wrong.

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FunAndGun371d ago

ugh.....I just want to play! Hopefully it will be soon...

XisThatKid371d ago

I know, I actually got on earlier this morning got kicked off after studying cards, checking my hero progress and opening a few chests then suddenly in waiting 3hrs 45mins guns to 10hrs later like. Glad it's being sorted out right now though should be soon

FunAndGun371d ago

oh nice, I wish I got the chance to check out cards and see my level at least. You got lucky there! haha

Goldby371d ago

Apparently they are switching over to a bulk chest opening to reduce the hits, I hope it's still easy to go trough what we are getting instead of something that just lists what was in the chest

XisThatKid371d ago

Disappointing but glad they are so transparent and honest about the situation. Will def be waiting. Been theory crafting decks since first leak a month ago