Overwatch: Mercy Summer Games Skin Leaks

An image of a supposed new Mercy Summer skin leaks a day prior to the launch of the Overwatch Summer Games 2017 event, hinting at an ancient Greek theme this time around.

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SlySouls340d ago

I submitted it shortly after the article came out. Took two days to get approved. Hence why it's late.

camel_toad340d ago

If it's not a console-exclusive or console-specific article that kind of thing seems to happen a lot around here. If you had titled it "______ console is better than the ______ console!" it would have been approved within 2 minutes.

ObviousGoldfish340d ago

Wasn't directing that at you, SlySouls but to the "news" itself. You did a fine job submitting this "story". This was actual news from the night before and not morning of.