10 Current-Gen Games Everyone Should Experience

EB: Games on this list are from the PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo Switch, and Wii U, and I’m not including remasters/re-releases of games from previous generations, and are in no specific order, since I want you to experience them all!

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ThePope315d ago

The Witcher 3 is the best overall game I've ever played. IF you like open world games and haven't played this you're doing yourself a disservice.

Relientk77314d ago (Edited 314d ago )

The Witcher 3 is without a doubt the best WRPG I have ever played, and one of, if not the best game this generation. I'd put it on a best games of all time list.

Highlife314d ago

Horizon was more fun for me. Fighting in the Witcher was only ok.

ULTp0ltergeist314d ago

Horizon is ok but nothing special. Witcher 3, however, is just amazing on all facets in terms of RPG. It's a true RPG.

ThePope314d ago

I lved Horizons story. The world was cool too. But the gameplay was fairly weak. I mean I get it because its the first iteration of a game. I bet the second will be really awesome. That said The Witcher (of couse IMO) blows it out of the water and then some.

SolidGear3314d ago (Edited 314d ago )

Top 12 for me were

Life is Strange
Dying Light
Uncharted 4
Dishonored 2
Fallout 4
Mass Effect: Andromeda
Wolfenstein: The New Order
Rise of the Tomb Raider
Mirror's Edge: Catalyst

matt139314d ago

Some good games in that list, no idea why people are voting you down. Although you did put Mass Effect, that could be why haha. Anyhow, UC4, Soma and Doom were fantastic.

annoyedgamer314d ago

Mirrors Edge and mas Effect but no Witcher 3, that's why you have downvotes.

Antifan314d ago

Terrible list but each to their own. But Putting mass defect: Andromeda over TW3 is unacceptable tho.

SolidGear3314d ago

Again, never played it.. not interested.. Dragon Age Inquisition was epic though

Blacksmyth33314d ago

Good list dude! I was hoping people would share theirs, it's cool to hear others opinions!

SolidGear3314d ago

I've missed out on alot from this year and last year though. Horizon is at the top of my list right now.

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Blacksmyth33314d ago

Thanks! It's always cool to hear that other people dig the same stuff!

Relientk77314d ago

The Witcher 3
Persona 5
Uncharted 4
Dishonored 2
Horizon Zero Dawn
Wolfenstein: The New Order
Tales of Berseria

DivineAssault 314d ago

You have great taste. I would personally add BotW, Bloodborne, & MGSV

SolidGear3313d ago

But the series ended with MGS4.. I'm sorry but everything after that were polar opposites of the original 4 games. Broke my heart. I would've given 5 a chance if it would've had more dialogue / cut scenes and a true ending.

SolidGear3313d ago

Hell yes for Dishonored 2, Wolfenstein: The New Order, Uncharted 4 and Horizon.

gbsrnctaln314d ago

Battlefield 1
Titanfall 2
Uncharted 4
Rocket League
Forza Horizon 3
Deus Ex MD
Until Dawn

Blacksmyth33314d ago

Nice dude! I loved Titanfall 2 as well, I wish it sold better, though, it feels like it should have!

gbsrnctaln314d ago

It was awesome. I would kill for an HDR patch for a 3rd playthrough.

SolidGear3313d ago

Until Dawn.. that's what I forgot to add to my list!

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