Final Fantasy XV Is a Fragmented Experience, and That's Terrible

Why can't we just get the complete story in the game itself, Paste asks?

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FallenAngel1984376d ago

Imagine how FFXVI will be structured

Eiyuuou376d ago

Depends on the director though.

alstruck375d ago

Well XV is what happens when an overambitious project went unchecked, goes overbudget and forgotten, and then given to somebody else to finish it.. in the end its a whole another thing with some flashes of the old thing in it..

It is a good cautionary tale to the industry..

FallenAngel1984375d ago

If you think this is bad, just watch how FFVII Remake will be delivered in parts

GamesMaster1982376d ago

I thought Final Fantasy 15 was great. And i never could get into any of the other Final Fantasy games.

jugo14375d ago

ignore the haterz. I enjoyed it too. The dev team literally walked the community through the process an story of the game. people knew what they were getting into

Sm311M3Fart376d ago

Just finished it recently and am so disappointed. NieR: Automata is 100 times better game. I'm crying when watching trailers from XIII Versus and the first one from XV.

VersusDMC376d ago

Why does any game have story DLC? You can make this complaint about a lot of games these days. But let's make an article to criticize a game that came out in November so we can get clicks from the FFXV haters who just want to comment on how bad it is. RE7 got story DLC one week after release and FFXV had its story DLC months after release... Ugh.

Eiyuuou376d ago

There are two kind of story DLC:

1. The post game DLC: it gives some extra story after the game is finished.

2. Interlude DLC: some side stories that have little to do with the main story. (Episode Gladio)

3. Full fledged story DLC: DLC that contains important info and events of the main story that for some reason isn't in the game.

Number 1 and 2 are acceptable, but 3 is just wrong, regardless of the reason. I know that in this case the devs hit the deadline so they had to cut some things, but selling it later feels wrong considering it should have been in the game in the first place.

Just my two cents.

S-Word376d ago

You'll get the complete story + more when it releases on PC.

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