Four New Backwards Compatible Games Announced For Xbox One; Includes Batman: Arkham Origins

ThisGenGaming says "Four new BC titles are coming to Xbox One today including the much requested Batman: Arkham Origins."

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DasTier221d ago

Wasn't Origins the terrible one?

Then again what do I know, I didn't enjoy the first one and didn't play any others.

FullmetalRoyale221d ago

It's the one that people say is the horrible one, yes. I personally really liked the story, but having half of the map being from Arkham City, and the other half being really visually bland, and the technical issues(that they never fixed) really held it back.
The story beats were really good, is the most positive thing I can say about it.

obidanshinobi221d ago

Nah mate, that's Arkham Knight.
Too much batmobile.

UnHoly_One220d ago

I thought Arkham Knight was the best one, so yeah... Different strokes and all that.

Condemnedman220d ago

yep that batmobile sucked my enjoyment out of that game 😨

DiceAndRice221d ago

Origins would be called the one you either love or hate. Seen many who say it's the best Arkham and many who say it's the worst Arkham game by far.

shloobmm3221d ago

Origins is actually one of the better ones. Much better than City ever was.

goatking221d ago

Origins was not a bad game, but it was a notable drop off from how amazing city was.

NeoGamer232220d ago

It was the worst of the new batman games but still good.

I bought it on launch week. Got a third of the way through then a stupid known bug in the software corrupted my game save. I went into months of anger counselling, they fixed the game save bugs through patches, and after a few years got over it.

Would love to go back, restart, and progress through the whole game.

OhReginald220d ago

Terrible one? no. Arkham Knight was the terrible one.

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Nintendew221d ago

About time the first deadliest warrior became BC.
Samurai rules!

CobraKai221d ago

Too bad they couldn't remaster those washed out low res FMV cut scenes

TargusX221d ago

Ffs, where the ruddy hell is Modern Warefare 2 & 3??

DARK_WOLF220d ago

Being remastered so activision can sell them at full price again

jreeves82220d ago

If the article is about Arkham Origins then why is there a picture of Arkham city?