It's Time for PS Plus to Ship Up or Ship Out

PlayStation Plus' price is going up, but there are no changes to show for it. Should Sony revamp the Instant Game Collection?

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ocelot07221d ago

The thing is it has changed in the last few months. People have been begging for AAA games for ages. So in the last few months they gave us Just Cause 3, Assassin's Creed 4 Standalone DLC, Game Of Thrones, Until Dawn, Killing Floor 2, Tales From The Borderlands, Tearaway, Little Big Planet 3.

I think that is a big step up from the typical 8bit indie games we was receiving for the best part of 3 years. I personally don't mind the extra £10 increase. As I never pay RRP anyhow. Plus it's only an extra £10 a year if you do go with RRP prices. Plus if for what ever reason I go right Sony I don't think your service is worth £35 a year (around what I normally pay) I will simply stop paying for PS+ and there is noting Sony can do about it.

badz149221d ago

I love it how now every article is about bashing the PS+ but last gen, when XBL Gold didn't offer anything but online MP, journalist were quick to defend it for it "offers superior online experience and cross game chat". it shows how heavily biased these journalist are against Sony. they jacked up the price to match the XBL but why is Sony the only one getting the flak? hypocrites!

hey, I'm not defending the price hike and I was one of the most vocal against the introduction of PS+ online MP model earlier this gen but I gave in and subscribed. personally, I think I got my money worth back in the backlog of games I barely have time to play all of them. but that's beside the point. the point is, MS started this whole charging for online BS and I was half expecting Sony to follow suit given how MS loyalists were gladly defending it even when it offered nothing but online MP that was free on the other platforms including the PS3 and Vita. and sadly I was right and I didn't like it. not saying that I"m liking it now but it seems like it's too late to complain about it now. should have bombarded MS like what PC gamers did back then and MS had to cancel their subscription fee but they had other options and always have as PC is open platform.

Xx_Pistol_xX221d ago

Also nothing was said when they raised Xbox Live from 50 to 60.

OffRoadKing220d ago

Welcome to N4G and to a larger extent gaming in general. Any time Microsoft has something coming out the attack articles start flooding in. With xbone x just around the corner the smear campaign has been at an all time high, the hope is that it will turn people away from Sony and sell more xbones, the thing is it never works but they keep trying regardless.

XisThatKid220d ago

I'm sorry, can anyone help me? I'm in US does this effect me? My Plus runs out around next year is plus going to be 60$or more

rainslacker220d ago


Sony increased the price of PS+ earlier this year in the US. It doesn't affect you at the moment, but the price will be $10 more when it's time to renew, and it will affect you then.

The impact of that effect is something I can't say, since I don't know you, but basically, in general, you'll be paying $60 instead of $50 if you decide to renew.

Other effects are you lose access to any PS+ game you've gotten so far if you don't renew, nor will you be able to play online if you don't pay more.

If you do decide to renew, you'll be out an extra $10 with the price increase.

Which is more important to you is up to you. Personally, I'd just keep an eye out for specials on the cards which retailers put up from time to time. Usually during black friday, or near the end of the year you can buy a PS+ sub from Amazon, GameStop, or Bestbuy for $10-20 less than what Sony wants for it. You can always buy early, and save a bit of money.

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BrianOBlivion221d ago

I agree. I have no interest any of the 8 or 16 bit retro indies that Sony had been chincing out at us on PS+ either.

My problem is that I already owned EVERY single one of the games you mentioned by the time Sony stepped up their game and started offering something decent.

Before anyone pipes up with "complaining about free games", they're NOT free. I pay a $70/year subscription to access them.

In other words, we're more than halfway through the year and the PS+ sub has been a total waste of money so far.

Mr_Writer85221d ago

So you want Sony to ask you before hand if you own the game first?


If you buy alot of video games than the IGC is probably not the best reason to own plus.

letsa_go220d ago

Why the hell are you paying $70 a year for it? That's YOUR bad. It regularly goes on sale for around $40.

OffRoadKing220d ago

I already owned JC3 and still thought it was a fantastic addition to the service, just because it doesn't benefit me personally doesn't mean many others wont now get to enjoy it. Sony cant appease everyone in the world by providing them the game or games they want to see personally added, to think so is very selfish.

BrianOBlivion220d ago

@ Mr_Writer85
Sure, that'd be nice.

That's what it costs in Canada. I made the mistake of buying several years in advance just before the price went up.

No, not selfish. I never said anything about NOT wanting any of those games to be available on PS+.
I'm just venting that personally, so far this year, the subscription has been as I said, a total waste of money. I don't do multiplayer and I won't buy AAA games via digital download, so no discounts. As I've posted before, it's a good problem to have.

rainslacker220d ago (Edited 220d ago )

Back in the PS3 days, when they offered almost nothing but AAA releases, or at least A games most of the time, I also brought lots of games early on. I preordered often. And while they often put up games that I already owned, I still found value in it, because I still hadn't brought all those games, and there were games which I ended up liking because I wasn't interested in them before.

I never expected Sony to not offer up games that I didn't own already. That's just silly. People get excited for the more popular games when they're offered. If they're more popular, chances are, more people will have them. If you want high profile games on it, then chances are, they're going to offer up games you have, and the more games you buy, the higher chance you will already have the game. If you want games you don't already own, then chances are, you'll see more games that you never were interested in in the first place, and then we're right back to people complaining their offerings suck.

letsa_go220d ago

Brian...whhhhyyyyyy when you have options like this?

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Princess_Pilfer221d ago

Hooray, they're giving people 3+ year old games that everyone who wants already has!

Paying for online is a ripoff.

welly300220d ago

Personally i would never have purchased any the games you said but yeah big improvement. Still dont justify the increase when the service started off as free on ps3. Id get rid of the games and pay for online only say £25 then offer a plus version with games.

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Apocalypse Shadow221d ago (Edited 221d ago )

Ummm... We've been over this already. New articles be it opinion or news should bring something new. Just running in circles.

And it's "shape up."

Gardenia220d ago

And why does it have to go? The price will stay the same anyway, but at least now you get some free games

thorstein221d ago (Edited 221d ago )

It's "shape up." Learn to use idioms.

opinionated221d ago

It's also "slip out" not ship out. Great f***ing game.

superchiller220d ago

You're wrong, the phrase is "shape up or ship out", look it up:


opinionated220d ago

I know the phrase dude lol. I was shouting out to a really old but great game.

Profchaos221d ago

Keep those quality games coming and ill pay an extra 10 dollarydoos happily

Brave_Losers_Unite221d ago

Ill also pay an extra 10 dollaryalomanteryhoos

nitus10221d ago

I am more interested in discounts than I am in the free games although every once in a while I get a free game that I like.

Anyway, my PS+ subscription will go from $69.95 to $79.95 AUD which is you do the conversion $10 AUD is equal to $7.87 USD or 6.07 BPS. All I have to do is pay $69.95 AUD before the end of the month and I am good for 18 months at the old price.

Silly gameAr221d ago

Ship up? lol. Yeah I'm sure this is the site that's going to make Sony "ship up".

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