Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds Will Battle Crackdown 3 & Xbox One X

On Nov. 7, Xbox One X, Crackdown 3, Super Lucky's Tale and Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds all make their highly anticipated debuts. Competition is coming, but who will come out on top?

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MadPandaSkills106d ago

“Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds Will Battle Crackdown 3 & Xbox One X“

The Frozen Wilds is more interesting than either Crackdown 3 or Xbox One X.

chrisx106d ago (Edited 106d ago )

Well said. Crackdown3 looks like a 360 game and the 1-ex isn't really appealing compared to the masterpiece that is Horizon

KickSpinFilter106d ago

I have no problem with how Crackdown 3 looks but the gameplay looks terrible.

thekhurg106d ago


Agreed. Graphics don't matter as much as the exceptionally bland looking gameplay.

naruga106d ago (Edited 106d ago )

they should have completed the title with the phrase "with ease " at the end :P

4Sh0w106d ago (Edited 106d ago )

Neither are really competing against each other....those looking to get the new most powerful console hardware are buying an X1X regardless of HZ DLC. Those wanting more HZ will get it...some are interested in both but nobody is saying to themselves:
"damm I wanted X1X with C3 and upgrading all my games with my new 4K TV set but now I'm gonna get HZ DLC instead."
-lol, just no.

S2Killinit106d ago

Yeah im not buying an expensive version of a console that has utterly failed to deliver all generation long. I will buy games with the money, save the rest and get myself the next gen consoles whenever they are coming out. For now, the Pro and all the Playstation games will keep me satisfied.

MegamanXXX105d ago (Edited 105d ago )

Cradown 3 looks like a ps2 and xbox game tbh. The Legend of Zelda looks better than Crackdown

rainslacker105d ago


So are you denying that when the marketing for both come this holiday, that MS going on about X1X's power, showing off games well into the future, then relying on Forza, CD3, and SoT, and the new AC will somehow make a case for why people should spend $500 on an X1X when the PS4 offering(whether pro or stock version) already has, or will have software that looks better than all that, and is cheaper.

When I used to say the perceivable differences will be minimal, or non-existent, this is what I was talking about....except in this case, Horizon looks fantastic, and UC:TLL kind of blow everything MS has out of the water, and the 4K stuff won't really matter that much.

FinalFantasyFanatic105d ago


Exactly, 4k still has a low adoption rate and big price barrier to entry (You're going to need at least $3000 AUD for a reasonable 4k experience or your wasting your money). As for Crackdown 3, when I saw the trailer at the last E3, it just look bad to me, I don't know how a large portion of xone owners could be looking forward to it. I just got Horizon Dawn in the mail Friday gone, I can see why it's so highly regarded now, hopefully I can do a good portion before the DLC comes out.

4Sh0w105d ago (Edited 105d ago )


Yes that's exactly what I'm saying...first off Crackdown was never a graphics showcase. People know it's a open world chaotic game, so they won't be expecting a cell shaded game to look las good as Horizon anyway. So again not competing there. I mean if you were just talking about C3 releasing on the same day as HZ dlc but no hadrware launch then yeah I get HZ is more attractive....but the situation is new hardware, those looking forward to it aint changing their minds over dlc.

Plus Forza 7 will show the graphics that enthusiasts are looking for plus Microsoft could easily show AC origins and the latest Anthem footage in November advertising to show how proper graphics intense open world games look on X1X compared to HZ on pro....but ultimately as I said getting new hardware that has high end 4K graphics capability and upgrades your entire existing library of games instantly is a significant draw ALL BY ITSELF= Not competing with HZ DLC at all.

I mean I'm on Xbox forums everyday with lots of people who are pretty open about both consoles and their faults, but nobody who wanted an X1X before news of HZ dlc has suddenly said dammit I'm gonna have to get the dlc instead or I'll wait later to buy an X1X until I play HZ dlc. lol, I mean seriously you don't believe otherwise do you? -I'm sure HZ dlc we sell a ton
but it will have no bearing on X1X sales.

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106d ago

No... A DLC is not even in the same category of a Console Launch lmao, Fanboy's are funny XD, I agree with crackdown though lol

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ThePope105d ago Show
InTheLab105d ago

Horizon is my game of the year but this is pure comedy. DLC being compared to new hardware and a full game?

This site...


105d ago
Obscure_Observer105d ago


"No... A DLC is not even in the same category of a Console Launch lmao, Fanboy's are funny XD, I agree with crackdown though lol"

My god, that´s the worst clickbait article i ever read. DLC vs Console Launch. Crazy! LMAO!

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KickSpinFilter106d ago

Last year I would have disagreed with you but after seeing Crackdown's 3 SP Game in action lack of any new IP's that are not eventually coming to PS4. Playing Horizon to Platinum, I'm much more excited about friggin DLC for a game I've all ready played. Although I will miss out on Cuphead unless I "jump in"

andrewsquall106d ago

Cuphead is even coming to GOG let alone Steam. You don't have to "Jump in" to anything even after the 3 year wait.

jznrpg105d ago

Get in on PC that's what I am gonna do

Thatguy-310106d ago

This DLC will sell better than Crackdown 3. Any bets?

alb1899106d ago

That isn't rocket science.

rainslacker105d ago

I know people will call me a hater, and I hate that I believe this, but I think CD3 is going to flop hard.

MS hasn't shown anything about this game that will get the mass market excited. They're setting it up as one of their biggest high profile offerings this gen, and it's just not up to that task. The expectations of it being something amazing are already tapering off as people's only real expectation of this game is now, "graphics were never the games focus, it was fun that one time though, and we'll ignore the 2nd time because -reasons-". People are even defending the lack of shown MP destruction, despite it being the primary selling point for 3 years straight.

The game is really going to struggle. There is too much cometition for GaaS type online MP games on PC for it to help the sales in a significant way. MS is going to lock it to the Windows Store, all but making the game overlooked by the bulk of the PC user base. X1's install base and PC's likely lack of interest isn't going to be big enough to support a long term MP community, and it's hard to see CD3 getting much attention in the face of a new COD, AC, BF, a new Destiny, and now overwatch, the new Epic Games thing, or whatever other big MP title coming out in the same time frame.

MS sold this game on cloud destruction, and that's going to wear thin and may get people to look at it, but they aren't making the game look appealing enough to really get people to even try it in enough numbers to make the MP relevant.

It's great the Xbox fan base remembers the game and likes what it had to offer in the past. But that doesn't mean much if no one else cares. MS has yet to really make many other people care yet.

Obscure_Observer105d ago


"I know people will call me a hater, and I hate that I believe this, but I think CD3 is going to flop hard."

Flop hard? Like Recore? Quantum Break? 200K? 500? How bad a game has to perform on sales so you could actually say... floped hard?

Just curious

alb1899106d ago

The truth is that an update or dlc product of Horizon Zero Dawn will not match the attention of the X1X and all the 4k updates that comes with it......nop, sorry.
Ofcurse, that importance that you are giving to this update of HZD can have success in N4G.

106d ago
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WasimAkram106d ago

Have a look at the mirror before you call others fanboy. You are no better than him.

KickSpinFilter106d ago

Your probably right unless Sony offers a PS4Pro bundle with Horizon + Frozen Wilds + Frozen (the movie (lol) for $400 or $450. Then that is a very good comparison. Otherwise your right for at least the first two months of the X1X launch.

ILostMyMind106d ago (Edited 106d ago )

Of course XBOX will dominate the media. But the HZD and Crackdown fight is an easy bet.

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andrewsquall106d ago

I'm going to say something insane here but I think Horizon Zero Dawn The Frozen Wilds "offers a significant graphics bump" over Crackdown 3 even at native 4K. ^_^

ONESHOTV2105d ago

Madpanda that's subjective because o have no interest in horizon DLC but i would like to at least try crackdown 3. But any way the hive mind is strong on this site i welcome the disagrees

XMessiah23x105d ago

Wish it was running on xbox X the power increase would make the game look even better.

G20WLY105d ago

Sadly, wishes is all this 'new' system has.

XMessiah23x105d ago

@G20WLY, wow your a fanboy.

rainslacker105d ago

Horizon has the great potential to make people wonder where all that extra power is on the X1X. Horizon on the stock PS4 looks absolutely amazing, and on the PS4P it is one of the best looking games this gen.

CD3, and SoT do not at all make a case for needing an X1X, and the multi-plats this gen aren't going to be that much more impressive at launch on the X1X to show off the benefit more. Some older X1 games with updates aren't going to sell the X1X.

Obscure_Observer105d ago (Edited 105d ago )


"Horizon has the great potential to make people wonder where all that extra power is on the X1X."

Only the fools, the ill informed or the casual kids or would think that. Sony focus on photorealistic games has nothing to with what the X can or can´t not do. MS doesn´t have a an photorealistic open world rpg to make a direct comparisson with Horizon. Ryse is a launch Xbox One title and still looks better than Uncharted 4 on a weaker console. I would love to Ryse to receive an Xbox One X patch to see how Uncharted 4 on PS4 Pro would fare against it.

"Some older X1 games with updates aren't going to sell the X1X."

We will see about that when CoD, GTA V, The Witcher 3, Halo 5, Forza Horizon 3 etc... receive a patch.

DialgaMarine105d ago


"Ryse looks better than Uncharted 4..."

Now if any comment here deserves several hundred disagrees, it's that lol

Ceaser9857361105d ago

OMG! look at those disagrees.... Greens got butthurt and went on to create fake profile just for this... Bunch of 5 years :D COME ON! hit the disagrees Kids...

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No battle for me. I'll be playing both.

bigevil1x106d ago

I hate fanboys who just hit the down vote for dumb ass reason..because he gamer n not a fanboy...

The 10th Rider106d ago

This whole article is stupid. One is DLC for a game and another is for an entire new console. Chances are most people who own Horizon aren't going to be looking to buy an Xbox One X. They're not "battling" at all, really.

4Sh0w106d ago

lol, that's what I said.....they will downvote you but they know it's true. lol....just folks grasping at straws.

bigevil1x105d ago

I think u said it best... that's what I was getting at

rainslacker105d ago

I think the DLC will be put up for marketing to make the advantage of X1X....which will be MS most heavily marketed product this holiday....seem minimal or non-existent.

I don't think the games themselves will compete against each other outside of normal ways that any game sale would releasing around the same time.

Eonjay105d ago

Its not really a battle at all. would be interesting if they said that Sony was releasing a Pro bundle with Zero Dawn on November 7.

JonnS106d ago (Edited 106d ago )

Crackdown 3 and Xbox one X plus Super Lucky's Tale can't wait .

Genuine-User105d ago

I understand the hype for the One X, but Crackdown 3? Nah man I'm cool.

81BX105d ago

I never got into crackdown so I don't have that been there, done that feeling for it. The game seems fun

JonnS106d ago (Edited 106d ago )

What's funny about it , I stated supporting for the items I will be getting that day .
See nothing funny in that , just an individual excited about his future purchases.

nativegoku106d ago

What's funny is people who only "game" on one platform because it's the brand that mom and dad bought them as a kid. If you're a grown ass adult with a good job, you can experience true gaming. But I know that concept and reality is mentally hard for most visitors on this damn website to conjure.

UCForce106d ago

Well, let's just say this. Horizon Zero Dawn have become major success for critics and gamers. It's Sony major flagship. The DLC will prove it. And this isn't small DLC like others. It's an expansion pack.

JonnS106d ago (Edited 106d ago )

Yet I said nothing about it cause it does not interest me yet here you people are with your Hive behavioral pattern of trying to get people to like what u like .
Why not just be content you like it and leave others to like what they like, Its not that complicated at all

yeahright2106d ago

Well you brought up just the xbox items from the article's title and ignored horizon. Him bringing it into play is valid. But you're right that you should be left alone to enjoy super lucky's tail if that's what you're interested in.
But if I'm being honest, I do question whether you're being honest about not being interested in horizon. I have a feeling you're only saying that because it's not xbox.

Genuine-User105d ago

But this article is kind of stupid. You simply can't compare an exclusive expansion launch with new hardware.

It's like comparing apple and oranges.

UCForce106d ago (Edited 106d ago )

You have a long history of your comments. Just saying. More importantly, you will buy what you want of course. But you just enjoy humiliating other which you don't want to admit it of course. You can clarify that but I'm not convinced by your overuse and typical statement. This isn't funny to be honest. It's just that I don't like pretender who try to be neutral.

JonnS106d ago

In all my comment history have you ever read me tell anyone to buy something else or like something else, have u ever read me berate anyone person that has commented here ,aside from studios or companies.
all my comments have been about what I like and things look forward to buying no more no less .
I have reason to pretend , I don't like the PS platform its that simple and it none of my business what people buy with their money.

@nativegoku I have a job that provides plenty , I just rather not spend my money on a console that I have no interest in and the gaming am experiencing is good enough for me .

rainslacker105d ago


You've told me to not buy an X1, or X1X...can't remember which. Said at this point, since I obviously don't want one, that I should just go away and not talk about it anymore.

So, not only have you in the past told me what to do with my money, you are saying you have the right to do what you once said I shouldn't talk about because I happen to have a different viewpoint from you.

I'll go back and find the actual post if you want, but realistically, you'll just deny what I say here, and ignore the link when I post it.

trooper_106d ago (Edited 106d ago )

It's your money. Spend it how you want. As for me, I won't waste my money on a $500+ console with no real exclusives.

JonnS105d ago

I will and good for you .

G20WLY105d ago

^You're agreeing that you're wasting your money?! 😂

KwietStorm105d ago

Super Lucky's tale? Hah really? Did you just throw that in there to stat pad?

fatbastard11105d ago

Yeah!PS2 graphics!CAN'T WAIT!!!!

JonnS105d ago

@rainslacker bring them up with out editing them and can guarantee the reason why I told you not to buy cause you were being a total arse and as a gamer no one needs that shit in their community or wants a brand associate with that stupidity..

But yeah go get it the links .

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GamballinGeorge106d ago

how on jesus's good earth is a it a battle ?

Rimeskeem106d ago

Obviously if they come out near the same time no matter how different the content it must be a battle!

The 10th Rider106d ago

They're also releasing around the same time as Thor and Justice League! Not to mention just before the next Lego sets come out! They must all be battling! They're just lucky it's not an election year because they'd be battling the presidential candidates as well! /s

Seriously, the idea that Xbox One X and Crackdown 3 are battling Horizon Zero Dawn DLC and vice versa is absolutely ridiculous. It's like saying a new Kanye West album is battling a new Coldplay album and new iPod release.

OffRoadKing105d ago

Cause of fanboys and click revenue that's how.

Hedstrom106d ago

A console a game and a dlc. Three diffrent things.

kneon105d ago

I think I see your problem, you're thinking logically.

Try thinking like someone trying to generate clicks and it will all make sense.