5 Sony Ads That Make You Wonder WTF Sony Was Thinking

Someone at Sony's marketing department went full-blown NSFW with some of these ads. Whether you saw them years ago or are seeing them for the first time, they'll definitely make you think "what the fuck."

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PhoenixUp493d ago

Bring back Kevin Butler! Those were the greatest ads

Ashlen493d ago

He was good, but really I like the Japanese ads, they tend to just be about how fun the games are or really creative.

My favorite ad from this gen has been Gravity Cat from Gravity Rush 2. It was just creative and cute.

The making of:

After watching that again after a while it still makes me smile, ah Gravity Rush and the character Kat are so good, such a great series of games, i hope they make more.

Chexs1990493d ago

With you all the way on the Gravity Rush 2 ad, that one was way more awesome than it had any right to be xD

rockwhynot493d ago

Have you ever been to Japan? You know Sony is headquartered over there...

SlySouls493d ago

Everything makes sense now

kneon493d ago (Edited 493d ago )

I just recently got back from Japan, I've been there many times and each time there was some new weirdness to discover.

Stay weird Sony, don't let American puritanism slow you down.

This is still my favorite. Basically it's a what a PlayStation commercial would like if it were made by Fellini, complete with a Nino Rota soundtrack followed by some Turkish 60's psychedelic.

annoyedgamer493d ago

Sony's American division is one of the biggest pushers of puritanism over here in the US and I never figured out why.

Elda493d ago

I liked the bizarreness.

WelkinCole493d ago

Well we are talking about it now so it is still effective.

Relientk77493d ago

Thumb penis, you have got to be kidding me

ugh, I can't unsee that