Dead or Alive 5: Last Round Gets Seventh Season Pass for $75; Brings DLC Price up to $633

With the seventh season pass for Dead of Alive 5: Last Round, the whole thing will now cost you as much as two consoles and a game.

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Kurisu286d ago

I've been playing Core Fighters over the last week or so and I've really been enjoying it. A few days ago I won a forum competition where I won an Amazon gift voucher, and I bought the full game. All I had to pay for was the £1.99 delivery charge. I've never played DOA before this and I've found myself burning out on Tekken 7, It's a refreshing change. The gameplay is fluid, I love the dynamic stages, there's a lot to it. I won't be purchasing any DLC for it, though!

Yi-Long286d ago

Yeah, it's a great game, but the DLC-greed keeps me from buying it on PS4. I loved it on PS3 though.

Did play the free version of DOA5 on PS4, but was a bit disappointed by the graphics. Of course it's a port from last-gen, but would have been nice if they had kept upgrading and improving the game with better graphics, effects, lighting, shaders, hair-physics, and more content (stages) with all the money they're raking in from the DLC.

The DLC itself is ridiculously overpriced though.

Chexs1990286d ago (Edited 286d ago )

Been my favourite fighter since PS2 :D
It's counter system forces people to act moment to moment, the pace is high and the balance is well placed.
Never in hell would buy costume packs though :P

P.s. it's really sad that the general view on DoA, is just boiled down to "boobs this, boobs that" because it really does hold it's own against games like Tekken and Virtua Fighter :)

Kurisu285d ago

Sorry I just disagreed with you, meant to disagree to eroge

ErogeMaster285d ago

Tell that to the dlc dude the guys get no treatment.

ErogeMaster286d ago

Dang you think doa is better than tekken 7 maybe you should get ur priorities straight.

Kurisu285d ago

And where did I say that? I said that I was getting "burnt out" on Tekken 7 and that DOA5 is "a refreshing change" because it's the first time I've played this series.

Chexs1990285d ago

It's definitely not worse than Tekken dude, has nothing to with priorities. I love both series, but I prefer DoA because I think it has better balance than Tekken and the counter system is a core mechanic and not a gimmick. Doesn't mean that Tekken sucks or anything though, as it's plenty fun

ErogeMaster285d ago

Refreshing cause you wanna jerk the lerk. Imma be serious here i play for the tits and this game got old and the high level play is the most boring to watch its either you suck at tekken or you want an easier fighter.

brokasfawk286d ago

I hate these costume packs in both the ps store and X1 store because it floods so many rows of add ons
These need to be filtered out

one2thr286d ago (Edited 286d ago )

Completely agree, just had to surf through the store for DOOM dlc.

MasterChief3624285d ago

You mean the DLC that should be included in the actual game download now and is free for everyone?

Shadyceaser286d ago

That's ridiculous... You have to be a little messed up to spend that much cash on this thing.

meka2611286d ago

Seriously for that much money you can say screw the game and get a nice hooker instead. :)

Outlawzz286d ago

But will said hooker bring you the pleasure that doa will for years to come ? Lol

meka2611286d ago

Well she can give you something that will be for years to come.

Fist4achin286d ago

Cherpies, they're untweetable!

Silly gameAr286d ago

I think this game is up there with the games that have the most DLC, and a lot of it is just pointless cosmetic stuff.

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