Does the Xbox One Really Need Another Major System Update?

Back at it again with another interface.

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PhoenixUp375d ago

Every system needs major firmware updates

Obscure_Observer374d ago

Agree. No sure what's the point the author is trying to make here.

Ickythump31374d ago

I don't see why upgrades should ever become unnecessary for any platform LOL

dantesparda374d ago

The site isnt talking about just a firmware/system update, they are talking about a completely new UI redesign. And i agree, its not necessary.

holysmokesbatman374d ago

XB1 is my main system but I would rather they refine what we currently have rather than doing this massive overhaul... I like things as they are now... I guess I'm in the minority though.

KillBill374d ago

@Wikkid666 - Yes... it is actually the same thing.

rainslacker374d ago

MS tends to be more of the belief that if it isn't working, they should just redo it from scratch, unless they can resll it as something new with nothing more than what should be an update, and usually screw things up more until they get it right for a while.

Magnes374d ago

I can agree I use all my systems equally. I don't spend all my time on one so it takes me longer to get all the bells and wistles down pat. So when I get used to a UI and they change it it's annoying. I liked the original XB1 UI I'm not saying they can't change it just give me the option to keep the current.

Wikkid666374d ago

LOL!!! Firmware?????

It's a system update.

Wikkid666374d ago


Not the same thing at all BRAH!

Shadyceaser375d ago

Why not ... It's not hard ... Wake up and it's done.

Zero_Suit_Samus375d ago

It’s not just an update it’s a complete UI redesign....again. People didn’t even have time to get use to the last UI redesign and now comes another one. Crazy if you ask me.

Sonic_Vs_Mario375d ago

Really? Everything is in the guide though.... It's easy, simple and efficient

Obscure_Observer374d ago

Why would you want to stick with an UI which is slower and less efficent overall? Plus, this new major update focus on Xbox One X, Xbox One S, Xbox One and PC as an more unified family system. :)

andrewsquall374d ago

That's not what its about though. We all know about the "wake up and its done" thing since PS Plus launched over 7 years ago and the PS3 would update your system software itself and all your games too when you weren't even there. The problem is that when you "wake up" your stuff is going to be all over the place where you can't find it yet again and for the millionth time this gen too.
Pity they can't adopt PlayStation's style of nailing the UI the first time at the start of the gen. Remember the "blades" on 360 hahaha?

Krysis374d ago

Stealth troll. You act concerned but why would you be, you hate Xbox.

LexHazard79374d ago

The Playstation UI is garbage and has no Soul! Wheres as Xbox UI usually has a better social and entertainment aspect. And its not boring..

So yeah I like Xbox UI and anything to make it better..bring it on.

obidanshinobi374d ago

Dude, the PS4s UI is a joke, it's rubbish, a poorly designed mess.
To see what I have downloading, demos, games in the sale etc, we now have to go to Notifications, then press the Options button on the controller, scroll down to Downloads and then we can see our downloads.
WHAT THE ACTUAL ????? That is such a convoluted method of just seeing what you're downloading, awful design. The Downloads tab/option/marker whatever you want to call it was just listed under Notifications until a few updates back.
Excuse my ignorance if there is an easier way to check out your downloads, if there is what is it? and can you "pin" things to the dashboard like you can on the XB? That would help navigating the UI loads.

dantesparda374d ago

The X1's UI is garbage and i should know because i own one. Its slow, clunky and a complete mess! But even still, I am not looking forward to a complete UI redesign, to have to get used to how things work all over again. Completely unnecessary.

MrEnglish374d ago

My biggest gripe with my Pro is the UI.its a mess especially now with the way you have to do extra work to clear notifications.

You have obviously not spent any time with any Xbox as even the old blade system was quicker than the Sony UI

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DeadSilence375d ago

Microsoft is trying to give something that will be well accepted, so far they failed miserably.

someone72374d ago

I personally preferred the first one. And all are a huge improvement over the ps4 folder system.

2cents374d ago

Better? More features? More Organised? Easier Access? Ok.

But there will always be people who don't like change.

mark_parch374d ago

What's not t like.The dash is now customizable so people can change it to whatever they do like

374d ago
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