Will Xbox One X or PS4 Pro Ever Receive Exclusive Games?

Assuming install bases become large enough for both, will we ever see exclusive games released for Xbox One X or PS4 Pro? Industry analyst Michael Goodman weighs in on the topic.

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2pacalypsenow222d ago

Both Sony and MS said no, so no

darthv72222d ago

You don't think they can change their mind? Sony might not but MS has shown they can change their stance on something if they think it can benefit them.

OB1Biker222d ago (Edited 222d ago )

Would it be worth it though?
I doubt it.
What's the point? They are no new gen

k2d222d ago

The Last of Us 2; it'll probably cater to ps4 pro and ps5.

andrewsquall221d ago

@darthv72 So can you explain how it could possibly "benefit them" to build an XboneX game from the ground up, with GDDR5 architecture in mind (like a standard PS4 game) and then release it to a measly install base of about 2 million people?
In what reality would that benefit a huge corporation trying to make a profit from a project?

I should point out I am very aware that you have been saying since the "Scorpio's" reveal last year that they will most certainly not be releasing games on standard Xbone even when Microsoft made it very clear during its announcement at E3 2016 that the 2 consoles WILL be sharing the same games.
Even after E3 2017 you are still adamant that they are going to flip a switch and screw over 20 or so million gamers, especially the ones that bought a standard Xbone since Scorpio's announcement because their minds were put at ease that the console wouldn't be abandoned.

I don't think its going to happen mate no matter how badly you want it to. :)

RommyReigns222d ago

Xbox is like the DCEU of gaming, Sony is like the MCU of gaming, and Nintendo is like the X-Men Cinematic Universe of gaming

OmnislashVer36222d ago (Edited 222d ago )

Nah, all cinematic comic universes are crap. Most have no story and people talking in theatric low voices the entire damn time to hide the fact there is no story or characterization. That and explosions but no plot. A few exceptions like Spidey 1-3 and Dark Knight Trilogy, most everything else is crap though, and gaming has far surpassed it. You can't tell me the generic "disarm the weapon threatening the city" plot hasn't been used in damn near everything as well as the "lets get as many low-voiced characters together again to fight off aliens/mythical monsters" hasn't been used as well. They hardly stray towards any real thematics, and when they do it's shallow, just theatrics because they're damn hollywood and lazy.

RommyReigns221d ago (Edited 221d ago )

I guess the analogy went over at least 6 users' and Omnislash's heads so I'll have to explain. Sony is like the MCU, a dominant force this gen where they keep releasing top titles and mostly receive the sales to match, obviously have by far the highest percentage of consoles sold this gen compared to the competition, and have more gigantic IP games to come. Xbox is like the DCEU, mediocre, went on the rinse/repeat IP route like DCEU went on the rinse/repeat Batman/Superman movie route, because of major mistakes from the start of the gen they have got utterly battered by Sony and every time Xbox tries to get space for hype, Sony shanks them with a top title to kill their hype (in the most recent case, Horizon Zero Dawn Frozen Wilds announced to be releasing on November 7th). Nintendo is like the X-Men Cinematic Universe, mostly releasing bang average typical 'Nintendo-esque' titles but releasing outstanding titles like Mario Kart 8 and Splatoon.


I stopped taking your comment seriously when you specifically mentioned 'Spidey... 3' and 'Dark Knight Rises' as exceptions, they were terrible ( Spider-Man 3 was not Amazing Spider-Man 2 levels of terrible, but that film made a mockery of the first two films, Raimi did it in revenge to terrible decisions from the higher ups and it showed. Dark Knight Rises was also shoddy, the weakest out of the trilogy by far). Yes the DCEU is 'crap' (at least the MCU makes the attempt to put out great films and it shows in the reputation they've built up and box office takings for each film they release), but tbf if you change up certain words in your comment like changing 'aliens/mythical monsters' to 'evil motoring overlords' or 'alien robots', then you would have described the Fast and Furious and Transformers movie universes (Transformers 5 is easily the second worst film of this year so far next to that Emoji film, I watched them for free online and still felt ripped off).

OmnislashVer36221d ago (Edited 221d ago )

Good point. If I changed 'aliens/mythical monsters' to 'evil motoring overlords' or 'alien robots' I'd find the exact same amount of crap in Fast in Furious or Transformers.

Brave_Losers_Unite222d ago

That would be stupid and just piss people off

ziggurcat222d ago

no. they've said no countless times.

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