Will Rockstar Ever Play Nice with PC Gamers?

There's still no word on a desktop port of Red Dead Redemption. Is Rockstar Games crazy like a fox or just crazy when it comes to how it's handling their PC fan base?

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193d ago
DarthSocio193d ago

To be fair, Rockstar does treat its PC players with respect, its releases on PC may be late but they release them incredibly optimised and having minimal bugs/issues.

Mirdus193d ago

Grand Theft Auto IV wasn't really that optimized, and still isn't.
Grand Theft Auto V was a success story in that regard though.

kevnb193d ago

the problem with gta iv is that it scaled really high and pc gamers expected to play it at maxed settings and 1080p. On console the game was low settings, sub 720p and often sub 20 fps. The graphics were simply ahead of their time.

agent13193d ago

Rockstar has been treating pc gamers so badly since gta iv which was ported poorly for pc. Then they didn't release rdr for pc and it took too long to release gta v for pc after several delays

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