AC Origins' Team Putting "A Lot Of Love" Into The PC Version; New Gameplay Details Revealed

Assassin's Creed Origins' Game Director recently revealed that the team is working hard on the PC version of the game.

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FullmetalRoyale490d ago

I'm on console, but stuff like the Arkham Knight pc launch piss me off. I can imagine being sold a broken game, and I hope they actually mean it when they say they are giving the PC version "love."
People who buy a product deserve at least that much.

ONESHOTV2490d ago

Well they are different devs so i would hope so and Arkham Knight even though it trash port it still ran better than the console version for 1 it was running at a higher settings and 2 Nvidia game works features were on as well.

Corpser490d ago

What does this game have to do with Arkham Knight?

Christopher490d ago

It's the most relevant example of PC gamers not getting treated fairly. When you see a developer talking about giving PC gamers attention, this is what they are really saying. Not that it will look better, because it will, but that they are making sure it will work as expected while doing as such.

FullmetalRoyale490d ago

What Christopher said. Or do you take issue with that?

CyrusLemont489d ago

Shifty response, what qualifies as love? Should have said we're putting a lot of optimisation into the PC game.

windblowsagain489d ago

Nobody cares, AC has been milked to hell and back.

Let it die.