For some of us, games never got better than GoldenEye 007

GoldenEye 007 was an anomaly on so many levels. Hailing from storied British developer Rare, it came out two years after the James Bond film on which it’s based, a film that, for people of a certain age, has taken a cultural backseat to the game adaptation. And what an adaptation it was.

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chrisx197d ago

1 of the best FPs I've ever played even till this day. 1st game I played where enemies react to where they're shot. Classic

DarthZoolu196d ago

If this is one of the best that you've ever played still to this day then you haven't played any current first person shooters. When something improves especially over a broad spectrum it means that this stuff is better now. Skyrim is better than Zelda. Period.

naruga196d ago (Edited 196d ago )

however i must admit that Halo CE on og Xbox destroyed 007 as the best console FPS with absolute ease

PhoenixUp197d ago

Except they did

Take off those foggy nostalgia glasses

chrisx196d ago

So now you know the 1st fps I played right? Get rid of that stupid mentality

dumahim196d ago

The headline says "games never got better than GoldenEye 007" but if you haven't played anything better because of not trying them, it's pretty much a non-story.

Cy196d ago

Please. Even Perfect Dark was a better game than GoldenEye.

DivineAssault 196d ago

It must be a very small percentage because COD was a world phenomenon.. Not that i care very much for shooters.. Still, that and halo far exceeded 007.. I remember when golden eye came out and people really liked it (still do).. However people went bat shit crazy when Halo/COD were dropping..

Fishy Fingers196d ago

Absolutely. I revisit the game with friends from time to time. In reality the idea of playing it is where the fun is had, not in the actual playing.

slate91196d ago

Right. i learned that the hard way with playing old games. The idea and memories are much better than actually playing them.

Travis3708196d ago

Goldeneye is one of the greatest FPS games ever made. I enjoyed 007 Nightfire as well.

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The story is too old to be commented.