The Nintendo Switch is a Hybrid Home Console, Not Another PSP

— Nintendo Enthusiast:

There seems to be a constant debate as to whether the Switch is a home console or a handheld system. The truth is, it's not exactly either: it's a hybrid.

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Razzer291d ago

"Seriously people, nobody’s trying to grasp for straws or split hairs here—this is all very plain and easy to see and understand. The Switch offers home console experiences both on the TV and on-the-go."

Exactly. I don't get why this is so difficult for some to understand. Switch was designed and operates out of the box with two distinct modes: home console and handheld. The dock, the detachable controls, and the automatic adjusting power levels to conform to the big screen and the built-in small screen are what make it different.

It is a hybrid. Why is this hard?

wonderfulmonkeyman291d ago

It's hard, for some people, because said people want to discredit Nintendo, by using the Switch's quirk as an excuse to say they've left the home console market, that they aren't competitors, and that they're on their way to becoming nothing but a side note or a third party.

They want to believe that power and AAA third party games, like Destiny and The Witcher 3, define everything, and that anything less powerful than the made-up standards in their heads, that doesn't get literally every popular none-first-party in existence, doesn't deserve to be considered a part of the current gen, no matter how fun the games are or how well the system sells.

Those people are all over this board, and many others.
I expect at least one or two of them to have a long-winded list of bullcrap they'll use to deride my post here.
I've learned the hard way that there's no point in responding to people that close their ears to good sense; it's a waste of my post limit and I generally ignore them after having had my own say.

scarface0121290d ago

Well said, excellently put. You hit the nail on the head. Nice to see someone one on here who speaks sense and is not an insecure hater ✌

_-EDMIX-_290d ago

@Wonder- "It's hard, for some people, because said people want to discredit Nintendo,"

Except even people who own it understand its a portable.

You can't play this as a portable?

Why is it called "Switch"?

I used it recently outside, has a LCD screen, battery and everything..

hmmmmmm lol

Or did you forget? lol

Razzer290d ago

Yep. You've got to wonder what makes these folks so obsessed. I've gotten to the point I just ignore them. The ability to collapse a post that is a shear wall of text was created for people like these. Use it a lot in Switch articles these days.

darthv72290d ago

To be fair, the PSP Go would be considered a hybrid console as well. It could connect to a tv and you use a regular controller when docked as well as play those games on the go (pun intended).

Sega nomad did it all before both switch and psp so there is that for anyone who is into history.

wonderfulmonkeyman290d ago

@ Edmix
"Except even people who own it understand its a portable."
And people with comprehension issues, such as yourself, claim that that's ALL it is.

It's a hybrid home console. The quirk is portability.

Whether you accept that or not is inconsequential. Your opinion of it being just a handheld is NOT the fact of the matter.
Case closed, end of discussion. Take a seat.

rainslacker290d ago (Edited 290d ago )

I've never been one to go on about power, or even that a system has to get a majority of the 3rd party stuff, but with Nintendo, the power in the Switch makes it so you don't really get the home console experience. I'd say it's about equivalent to the Vita, but the Vita was more a home console experience on the go than I see from the Switch. but that ultimately comes down to the software, and Nintendo does have some titles which do give that, but certainly not an extensive list of titles to choose from.

You get the Nintendo console experience, and the Switch can do both, which makes it a hybrid, but I see the Switch more as a portable that can be hooked up to the TV which nets a bit of extra benefit.

The Switch is designed around being a portable system, not being a home system. Everything about the system outside the dock is centered around it being portable.

I feel I made pretty decent sense with my post. I'm sure you'll close your ears off to my comment, because I don't worship the ground Nintendo walks on. Funny thing though, I will get a Switch within a few months probably. I like the system, but I accept it for what it is. It's not something more than it really is. It isn't a current gen system capable of providing the bulk of gaming experiences. It will be a woefully underpowered system come next gen.....which is the gen it resides in according to you. It is just a Nintendo system, where Nintendo does their own thing, and I'll get it for the exclusives it has, just like the 3DS.

Nintendo's portables have been pretty good. Underpowered. Well supported. Great games. Why does it need to be anything else?

Why this fervent need to make the system into more than it is by you and some others in the Nintendo fan base?

wonderfulmonkeyman290d ago (Edited 290d ago )

" the power in the Switch makes it so you don't really get the home console experience"

Except that's not true at all. Many of its best upcoming games would never fit on the 3DS.
Xenoblade 2, for example, looks gorgeous, and is definitely a home-console-grade game no matter how you spin it, and that's just one of hundreds of upcoming examples that the Switch will get over its lifetime.

Neither the Vita nor the PSP were EVER marketed for their home console play capabilities, because those aren't part of their main points.
For the Switch, it is.
Hence, it's a hybrid, more-so than any Sony handheld.
Pretending that streaming to the PSP or Vita makes it a hybrid is just fallacious thinking at work.

"Why this fervent need to make the system into more than it is by you and some others in the Nintendo fan base?"

I'll flip that right back to you; why this fervent need to make the system into LESS than it is, by you and some others in the Sony fanbase?
The people arguing against it being a home console sound offended by the mere idea of it due to its power.
Power isn't everything, and if the Switch were not Nintendo's newest home console replacement, and were instead intended to replace their 3DS line, they would have stopped 3DS manufacturing BEFORE it released, a point you and your ilk seem to "close your ears to" far more often than any time I've ignored your rants.

rainslacker289d ago

Yeah well you can cite a few games that will come for the system, but it doesn't counter my point that the home console experience is mostly very limited on the Switch right now, and for the most part, the games coming out overall follow the portable paradigm of game design.

Switch's power isn't what is making it a portable, rather the nature of the games coming out on it as a whole. Overall, the system isn't getting the current home console experiences. It is capable to some degree, but it's power is actually not allowing devs to provide current gen home console experiences that we have now come to expect.

I won't ever put down the vast majority of Nintendo provided exclusives that come out, and respect them a great deal on the software front, but to try and say that Nintendo has a relevant home console right now is pretty much trying to stretch this to the extreme.

The system is a hybrid by the definition of a hybrid, but it's primarily a portable console. Just because you couldn't do something on the 3DS is meaningless. you could do XB2 on the Vita, and it was a portable. So why even bring 3Ds into it.

This is about the primary focus and usage of the system itself, and that's is obviously as a portable.

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_-EDMIX-_290d ago

". I don't get why this is so difficult for some to understand. Switch was designed and operates out of the box with two distinct modes: home console and handheld. The dock, the detachable controls, and the automatic adjusting power levels to conform to the big screen and the built-in small screen are what make it different"

Because the PSP adding that feature to out to the TV didn't mean they had to make a whole new portable, it was merely an add on. might as well say. "PSP was designed and operates out of the box with two distinct modes: home console and handheld".

I can say that about a phone, tablet, a laptop...PSP, you can literally say this about any portable device.

Reality is, you can dock a phone, tablet, PSP etc you can use controllers on all those devices too.

I are simply just describing a portable device outing to a tv. The desperate attempt at pretending all console's are is simply tv and controller simply means, anything by your logic is a "hybrid".

Phone, tablet, laptop, DS, 3DS, PSP etc all fit that concept.

Soooo consider this.

"The DS offers home console experiences both on the TV and on-the-go."

"The 3DS offers home console experiences both on the TV and on-the-go."

"The PSP offers home console experiences both on the TV and on-the-go."

"The Sega Nomad offers home console experiences both on the TV and on-the-go."

"The PS Vita offers home console experiences both on the TV and on-the-go."

"A gaming Laptop offers home console experiences both on the TV and on-the-go."

"Your phone offers home console experiences both on the TV and on-the-go."

"The Tablet offers home console experiences both on the TV and on-the-go."

Sooooo Nintendo is not doing anything that has not been done before. They are offering something that has been available to many for a long, long, long time.

OH yea and the controller...

So based on your logic, anything and everything is a "console".

You folks really can't take that Nintendo went portable only and copied the PSP and Sega Nomad to exit the home console market? smh. The denial is real with you folks.

Shadyceaser290d ago (Edited 290d ago )

True. Half that stuff I didn't know you could buy .😀

septemberindecember290d ago

The PSP wasn't designed out of the box for two different modes. The resolution was locked at 480x272. There was never an increase in resolution. Not to mention that you still needed another controller, and you had to purchase all associated equipment separately.

The Switch isn't just outputting its image onto a screen like those docks do. The available clock speed of the GPU is increased, allowing for better resolution, texture filtering, and sometimes frame rate (unfortunately it was worse on one occasion).

Remember when they sold those screens for the PS2, GameCube, Xbox, etc to allow you to play on the road? Would those be considered portable devices in your eyes, or are we going to try and make some distinctions between portable, home, and hybrid?

C_Ali88290d ago (Edited 290d ago )

Your problem must be comprehension quite frankly nobody is arguing that NS isn't a portable but they are arguing it is a home console also, something you seem to be willing to refute until you're blue in the face. The fact remains that Sony NEVER marketed PSP nor Vita as a Hybrid. Did Sony put their first party HOME CONSOLE games on the PSP?? The same that were on Ps3?? Resistance? Heavenly Sword?? Killzone?? God of War? GT? or did the PSP get its OWN portable cut down versions of those games YEARS later? What you fail to realize is that Sony themselves did not make a HYBRID because they didn't market it as one, had they invested their own time and effort into making it into a legit home experience instead of an afterthought it could have succeeded as such.

Nintendo are putting their HOME CONSOLE games in their ENTIRETY on the Switch so for all intents and purposes it is a HYBRID, A portable and A home console, however YOU choose to use it. Why is that so hard to grasp?

I'll give you the Nomad as that was also a hybrid limited by the tech of the time but a hybrid nonetheless. Sega marketed it as a "PORTABLE VARIATION OF A HOME CONSOLE" aka hybrid. Too bad it sold poorly.

kneon290d ago


So what you're saying is that switch is only a hybrid because it's been marketed as such.

I can market a Smart car as a sports car, that doesn't make it true.

_-EDMIX-_290d ago (Edited 290d ago )

@sep-the PSP was not designed for both modes yet clearly it's playing on the television while also allowing you to play it on the go

So what does that even tell you about the in significance of this actual feature in regards to the actual system itself? The fact that this could be done after the fact with an add-on with phones laptops or any portable device only further shows you that the device itself does not need to be tailor-made for the function to actually work.

The actual clock speed is simply being under clogged when it's in portable mode to save battery that's actually done with most portable.

Not new. Look it up

@c_a-so what you're telling me what they marketed as is more important than what it is? That's like saying you're so stupid I could market a taco to be a new console to you and you would basically call it that because the company marketed it to you I'm sorry but just because you're a sheep that can't think for yourself doesn't mean you need to apply that short bus logic to everybody else.

At the end of the day regardless of who's marketing what to be what we are talking about portable devices that have the ability to out to the TV.

The function of outing to the TV can be done after the fact the PSP proves that telephones proof that laptops proof dad multiple portable devices prove that outing to the TV is not this difficult technological task that must actually be built into the system itself it is actually something that could be done after the fact.

ie PSP

So how is it that my cell phone can out to the television even though my phone was never actually specifically designed or marketed around that feature? Are you telling me you have no idea that the concept of doing that can actually be done after the fact?

😂😂😂&# 128514;

How something sold is irrelevant

who marketed it to be what is completely irrelevant

At the end of the day we're still talking about portable devices that have the ability to out to the television regardless if it was done at the very start of the system's release or later on after the fact

all of that is irrelevant to FACTS!

Nintendo was putting all of their Home console games on portable simply because they cannot create a Home console anymore and they decided to leave that market that is no different than if Sony created the PS Vita and decided they were going to make Uncharted The Last of Us God of War Gran Turismo in the rest of their series on Portables AND NOT CREATE PLAYSTATION 4!

All your technically arguing about is the semantics of Nintendo exiting One Market and Sony not.

That is true that Nintendo was muscled out of the Home console market and are now forced to only create Portables...

The concept of the features were talking about is exactly the same it is a portable that can out to the television.

Trying to throw in all these different stupid semantics based on specifics of specs is dumb and irrelevant.

You guys seriously can't take that this company is now simply exclusively making Portables?

Answer this very extremely simple question can I take this device with me and play it anywhere outside of my house?

Can I also go home and connect it to something to play on the TV?

If the answer is yes can you actually explain to me how that is different than the vast majority of portable devices?

Because something tells me you guys are way too scared to answer that. =)

AKR290d ago

And as I stated in the article, the PSP (and any other handheld) were simply not designed with that functionality to be at the forefront. Take any DS, 3DS, PSP, Vita or GBA game and stretch it out on the TV and then it becomes obvious that those titles are truly meant for the small screen first and foremost.

The Switch was completely designed with the hybrid functionality in mind. It immediately transitions from portable to docked mode and back again, with the visual fidelity actually increasing when docked. Don't bring tablets, phones and laptops into the argument because those are completely different devices. All they're doing is outputting a display signal to the TV, which is no big deal. Also, nobody ever said the Joy-Con design was completely new, which also isn't a big deal.

The purpose of this article was to highlight that the Switch is Nintendo's current home console and definitely NOT a handheld. Even though it has portable functionality, the company itself classifies it as a home console first and foremost, and that's reflected by the aforementioned seamless transition between modes, as well as the depth and quality of the games. Show me anything on Vita, 3DS or mobile that's as complex as the Switch's biggest games.

_-EDMIX-_290d ago

@AK- " NOT a handheld."

but hey, keep telling yourself that lie. You telling me I can't use this device outside on the go? Do you have any proof of this or just more BS agenda?

smh, you folks are fighting mighty hard to ignore this thing is a handheld, like.....extremely. Even with the actual proof of the device being a portable, the man is still fighting this obvious, factual thing.

" the company itself classifies it as a home console " Thats nice. If they call it a taco, would you right a article FIGHTING to say it really is? I mean, basically Nintendo tells you what to think right? If they told you it was a bag of golf clubs, would you believe that or? Do you even think for yourself anymore or does Nintendo decide that for you?

Smh. Even with the damn thing out, even with people USING IT, you are still fighting a fact.

So let me guess, that isn't being used outside and its all a trick?

buy hey, lets just keep saying its "NOT a handheld" LOL! So I shouldn't believe those photos, or videos OR ME USING MY SELF OUTSIDE! But AKR states its not a handheld, so I guess I shouldn't believe all the evidence, logic, common sense etc. Yup, Nintendo and AKR say so, so I must have not been using it outside, looking at a LCD screen, limited by battery life, yup "NOT a handheld" at all /s

smh. This is just pathetic buddy. Its getting really, really sad that many of you have not really emotionally come to grips that Nintendo isn't making home consoles anymore.

I think you folks are just salty as I very much called to a T what this would be

Kun_ADR290d ago (Edited 290d ago )

Just accept it for what it is, Edmix. The Switch is being advertised as a hybrid and it can be played both portable and docked so therefore it is a hybrid.

By now no one would argue that Nintendo is the one who does hybrid console first, although most of us can agree that they have evolved and almost perfect the formula of a hybrid console. I mean for crying out loud, we had only heard the term "hybrid console" after the Switch was announced. No one ever call the PSP or the Sega Nomad a hybrid system before.

septemberindecember290d ago

EDMIX all the PSP dock is doing is sending an out signal to the TV. That isn't the only thing the Switch dock allows the Switch to do.

And for fucks sale man we KNOW that the chip is underclocked when in handheld mode to save power. You obviously doesn't know what "increased" means. The clock speed of the GPU INCREASES when docked in comparison to handheld mode. Meaning, the clock speed of the GPU is higher when docked vs undocked.

And could you be succinct for once in your life!

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chris235290d ago

it's not hard. it's just that hybrids suck and people don't care.

C_Ali88290d ago

Yeah tell that to Japan who seem to care more about the Switch than they do the Ps4.. So I guess Japan must think pure home consoles suck??

See how opinions don't really work with generalizations. Especially when you can only speak for yourself..

Glad you think hybrids suck, don't buy one. Ever!

rainslacker290d ago

The home console experience to me is something that offers up current gen games on the go. Vita or PSP during their respective generations being primary examples. The only thing which was really a home console on the go was the Turbo Express some 20 odd years ago. Wasn't a hybrid, but it was a TG-16 portable version.

What Nintendo has is a portable console, which also happens to be able to be used as a home console, but it doesn't run current gen games, or if you go by the theory that it's a next gen system(PS5/X2 gen) then it certainly is well behind the home console race. Everything about the system is designed around it being portable, not being a modern gen home console. I know Nintendo has different aspirations and the fans have different expectations when it comes to power, but just because it can be used as both doesn't mean it actually provides the same experience.

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Jinger291d ago

It's a handheld with an HDMI port... just accept it already.

iplay1up2291d ago

You are wrong. Its a Hybrid. It seamlessly goes from TV to Handheld instantly and vis versa. You just accept it already.

Jinger291d ago (Edited 291d ago )

I own one. I'm just not fooling myself

Jinger291d ago

I own one.. I'm just Not fooling myself

_-EDMIX-_290d ago

Thats nice, but outing to the TV doesn't make it NOT portable.

By that logic, my phone isn't portable.

porkChop291d ago

It's not just an HDMI out. The system increases its power significantly when docked. It's a hybrid, but obviously in a handheld form factor.

Jinger291d ago (Edited 291d ago )

No it doesnt haha

The dock does not improve it "significantly" all it does is help up-res it to 1080p.

Vegamyster290d ago (Edited 290d ago )

Going from 720p to 900p/1080p native with improved visuals requires a good boost in power to achieve.

Jinger290d ago


Slight increase to clock speed to output at 900p then scaled to 1080p. That's all the dock does, turns off the screen and increases clock speeds a bit.

Hardly a "significant" boost.

Vegamyster290d ago

Handheld mode underclocks the system because it's drawing power from the battery instead of a outlet, laptops do the same thing when unplugged to prevent damage to the battery and other internals. Depending on the game, it can run up to native 1080p like in Mario Kart, Arms and to a lesser degree Splatoon 2 (dynamic res), they're not upscaled.

Jinger289d ago


Okay if some games are at 1080p already... what does the dock do with the "significant" boost? Zelda is capped at 900p even docked.

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porkChop291d ago

When docked, the clock speeds increase. It does in fact become more powerful. If you think it just upscales you're both wrong and ignorant.

Jinger290d ago

But it's not a "significant" boost. Just out puts to 1080p

_-EDMIX-_290d ago

It doesn't "boost" its actually being put to NORMAL!

In portable mode it underclocks.

So, yes they "increase" but its doing that based on being underclocked in portable mode in the first place.

Its not magic, phones, laptops, tablets etc all do this to a degree. You are not talking about it GAINING power, you are simply talking about it being put on max speeds during a power source.

Sooo, do us a favor and stop lying about this. It is not becoming "more powerful" it is simply going from underclock to max clock.

Thats it. You could run the Switch at max power as its designed to run at that if they feel like it, its only underclocked to save battery.


porkChop290d ago

Edmix, I never used the words "boost" or "gain". Nor did I ever say the system wasn't underclocked in handheld mode. I said the clocks increase when docked, which they do in fact increase compared to handheld mode.

I didn't lie in either of my comments. I stated a fact. The power output of the Switch increases significantly when the system becomes docked. I never said it was overclocking or boosting, nor did I say handheld wasn't underclocked. An increase in clocks increases power output, that is a fact. The Switch increases clocks when in docked mode, that is a fact. Therefore it is a fact that the Switch is more powerful in docked mode. Understood? Or would you like me to draw it in crayon for you?

yellowgerbil290d ago

"No it doesnt haha

The dock does not improve it "significantly" all it does is help up-res it to 1080p. "
clearly you have never actually played your Switch or you would know how much of a difference it makes being docked. Look at the draw distances in Zelda, Love the game but when in handheld it has serious draw distance issues. I fought one of the giant skeleton monsters in handheld and couldn't finish the fight because he kept getting written out when I got too far away, and seeing as you have to get some distance so you can get a clear shot at his eye that became a serious issue and I had to abandon the fight.
So there is clear evidence of how the game plays different when docked and when in portable besides the resolution

Jinger290d ago

False. In fact there are times it runs worse while docked

Knushwood Butt290d ago

Kinda reads like the handheld mode is gimped.

Vegamyster290d ago

The video you posted was 1.0 patch, 1.11 fixed most of those issues

Averyashimself290d ago

Most here don't agree with you. If it's a handheld, then why are a full majority of the accessories specifically designed for it to not be used as a handheld? Joy-con charger controller, pro controller, extra docks for other places in the house. How is it so hard for you to fathom that it is a hybrid? Better yet, how does it hurt you if you're in fact wrong, and it is a hybrid console?

_-EDMIX-_290d ago

They can't LMFAO!


Called they would got portable only. Many don't want to face this reality.

they can't take facts

They still trying to figure out what this is


LMFAO! Yes, because that is not a portable... /s

This is one of the dumbest things I've seen any fanbase really, really do. They seriously can't mentally accept Nintendo has stopped making home consoles and only makes portables. Basically some sort of mental break down.

But hey bro this is a portable

but this isn't /s



C_Ali88290d ago

I think we know what it is I just don't think you know what HYBRID means...

Is it a car? a boat? or just enough of BOTH to make it something completely unique??

And in this case thats what the Switch is, It isn't merely a home console with a screen attached, nor wholly a portable with JUST an AV out, it is a custom mixture of both elements to create a HYBRID. Thats not to say it may not have features that lean to one side (portable) or another (home console) but it has enough of both to satisfy however you use it.

I know people who only use it docked and I know people who only use it portably and I know a few who switch. (no pun intended)

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Big_Game_Hunters291d ago

Of course, Only delusional people say otherwise.

PhoenixUp291d ago

The bigger topic of discussion should be how NS is 9th gen

wonderfulmonkeyman291d ago (Edited 291d ago )

By virtue of sequence.
If we were to judge solely by power, then there would be a LOT of systems out there who's chipsets are old enough to not qualify for the gens we place them in outside of graphical improvements, so that's a faulty way to look at it right from the get-go.

Gens are defined by sequence, and it started, if considering which one finally broke the home console scene wide open and made them a household phenomenon, with the NES, though if we want to get technical, it was stuff like Atari, and other joystick systems like it, that came before everything, even though those systems didn't really popularize home gaming like Nintendo, Sega, and Sony did.

It's generally accepted that NES was "Gen 1" of the overall start of home video game systems becoming popularized, though each console manufacturer also has their own generational "lines" that applies to their own systems alone, such as the Game Boy being Gen 1 of Nintendo's handheld line and the Sega Genesis being Sega's Gen 1.

In terms of overall gens, NS is most definitely 9th gen, not a mid-gen upgrade.

yellowgerbil290d ago

actually NES was gen 3 not gen 1. Gen one was the Odessy 1 and the pong consoles. Gen 2 was Atari, Commadore and the like, Gen 3 was NES. 4 SNES. 5 PS1 and N64. 6 PS2 and xbox. 7 PS3 and wii. 8 includes ps4 x1 wiiu... and also includes their improvements, the PRO X1 and SWITCH. SWITCH is still 8th gen.
Honestly I think we are at the end of the generations and classifying generations in the classic sense is at an end. Both the Playstation and Xbox will probably never again have a generation in the way we know it, the ps5 and x2 will basically be like the PRO and X1X in that they are the same thing but much more powerful (though the leap will be far greater than the midgens)
Honestly I never understood generations, as soon as you get a solid foothold and have a nice install base you toss it all out and start over. Makes no sense at all, and that is the downfall of Sega, constantly starting over and fracturing their install base over and over in a 5 year time with the genesis, sega cd, 32x- then saturn months later as well as other abandoned systems and finally the dreamcast only 4 years after the saturn.

PhoenixUp290d ago

@ wonder

No NES is a 3rd gen console

@ yellow

Wii U and Switch can't be considered part of the same generation

rainslacker290d ago

Sure why not. Since power isn't an issue with Nintendo, and it's not even up to par with this gen, it can be next gen, where when next gen finally comes, it'll be so underpowered it'll be equivalent to a 3DS vs a Vita in the home console market.

At that point, it'll predominately be thought of as a portable system, and by virtue of sequence, as monkey puts it, it'd actually be a 9th gen home system, and 6th gen portable....and then it will be better than the 6th gen home consoles in terms of capabilities.

Nintendo fans want to call it a next gen system now, which is fine, but it's going to really put it at a disadvantage when PS5 and X2 release. The only saving grace will be that it's actually a portable that Nintendo is using to satiate the home console market since it seems to have given up on trying to do much there.

Rebel_Scum290d ago

lol why are people even debating this?