ReCore Definitive Edition Rated By PEGI; Release Date Could Be Soon

ThisGenGaming says "We knew it was happening, but now we might know when it's coming."

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blu3_puls3375d ago

I really do hope this could come to PC via steam. I refuse to use the windows 10 store.

Sciurus_vulgaris375d ago

All MS games, that are released on PC should be on steam. Steam purchasers, however,likely wouldn't get cross buy.

blu3_puls3375d ago

I personally don't care for cross buy. But I do agree that all MS games should be released on Steam if they are on PC.

375d ago
Sciurus_vulgaris375d ago

Yup Steam is too big of potential market for MS to not be supporting. I also don't care about cross-buy. I see it as a gimmick, that won't be used by the waste majority of Xbox or PC gamers.

Aside: I find it odd that ReCore is getting a definitive edition. It not like the game was critical acclaimed like Ori and the Blind Forest. Sale for Recore a bit "up in smoke", but maybe the game did okay. However, the game should of never launched in the state that it did. Visuals and performance for ReCore, was well below that of other MS firsty party games.

Yohshida375d ago

Actually it wasn't a first party game. Its a new First Party IP made by a second Party studio. The game launched with a lot of problems. The long loading times and a few frame drops got fixed, but its still a mess to this day. Following Phil Spencer and other XBOX higher ups, the game did surprisingly good. Probably thanks to the lower price tag and discounts it got. Im pretty sure we will see a 2. ReCore in 2-3 years. The IP has a lot of potential and the gameplay was really fun. Give that team more time, a bigger budget and you got a hit. That is why I think doing a Definitive Edition is also a move that shows they are holding on to this IP. The Devs are still working on it. If it was a fail, they would have dropped it and ran.

Sciurus_vulgaris375d ago


I can see ReCore doing well, due to its low price, and digital sales. However, had the game released, in more polished state, it would have likely done better. Much reviews stated that ReCore, had good gameplay, but weak graphics and performance.

darthv72375d ago

Wonder if the definitive edition will have some improvements to the overall game. It's not bad but could have used a tad more polish.

DARK_WOLF375d ago (Edited 375d ago )

Im sure it will. I agree its a great game and i really like it but it def released too soon. Felt unfinished.

mark_parch375d ago

This is what I'm hoping for. the gameplay and platforming is solid but it really needs better textures

Yohshida375d ago

I just hope this will be a free upgrade for ALL existing customers. They didnt ship the game with features that were "promised" aka a robot on the cover that is in this edition but not the release one and some areas locked of because you needed this robot to enter them.
I really liked the game for what it was and more polish and the missing stuff would make it a must have gem.

375d ago
DrumBeat375d ago

I haven't heard anything about this game since its release. I mean absolutely nothing. That can't be good. So, to the people who've played it. Is it any good?

daBUSHwhaka375d ago

Got it in the summer sale.Still to finish it but really enjoyable so far..

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