Top 5 Switch games to play after Breath of The Wild

So you got your Nintendo Switch, finished Zelda and now need to play something else. Whether you’re looking to buy a new game now or in the near future, there are plenty of releases to get excited about.

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Littil_Devil291d ago

There is indeed a life after Zelda: BOTW ;)

PaulKersey291d ago

Four games out of five on the list haven't been released yet.

VasilisArt290d ago

You're right and that fact is stated in the article. How many lists with ARMS, Mario Kart 8, Snake Pass, Lego City, Disgaea, etc can be made. After a while it just makes sense to make an article to excite people about new releases rather than the same old games.

PeaSFor290d ago (Edited 290d ago )

Hyped for Mario+Rabbits, i liked XCOM gameplay and this look way better on every aspects.