The Power vs. The Portable vs. The Partnerships – The Battle For This Years Christmas Crown

sean @ FG: The battle for Black Friday 2017 is going to be the most interesting one yet. We run down what the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One X and PS4/Pro are bringing to the table.

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corroios291d ago

All will sell tons of consoles. But you got many mistakes on the news.

On the Microsoft front the Xbox One S will sell tons more then the X. It will be much cheaper and parents buying for theirs kids for Christmas will go for the cheaper option with more games.

The Switch will sell also millions of consoles and there will be in stores, because they arent new on the market and all those news about supply is just a very old trick to try and build sales.

The PS4 will also sell record breaking, because it they are doing it on the summer.... i dont even want to think about Christmas and all the bundles that will be available.

darthv72290d ago

I have both ps4 and xbo so my $ is going towards the switch.

Erik7357290d ago (Edited 290d ago )

Dude, if you look up Nintedo shipped Switch units by air and is fighting apple for parts. Your an idiot if you think by this point the supply shortages were done on purpose you don't ship units by plane if your doing that.

I can't even imagine how Mario oddesy will perform seeing how Zelda did during Christmas

PhoenixUp291d ago

"We’re more likely to see people who’ve not owned an Xbox One before use the X as a jumping on point."

I can't imagine that plenty of people who've never owned an XO before to opt for the premium option when there's a far more cost effective option available. If anything it seems mostly preexisting XO owners will get XOX.

"With the attractive Switch floating around the same price as a PS4 Pro and the Xbox One X coming in with a significant advantage in power, Sony are likely to get squeezed this holiday season."

That's a good joke.

darthv72290d ago

Perhaps they meant it as those who were not interested in the vanilla xbo and already have a ps4 would be inclined to jump onto the xbox. That isnt so far fetched as i'm sure you know a few who have said they are getting an x when it comes out.

Hell... many on this site have expressed more interest in the x now that it is coming than they initially had for the regular xbo. They say things like this is what the xbo should have been. Well... now it is.

As for sony, I'm betting their sales may be slightly down but still acceptable. you have to figure it's going on 4 years now. Anyone who hasnt gotten one by now either doesnt want one or is really holding out for the price to drop (or a specific game). It happens.

PhoenixUp290d ago

That's still not a very large audience. More people will still rather opt for the cheaper more mass market appealing XO S model just like they still opt for the cheaper more mass market friendly PS4 Slim.

The people on this site aren't indicative of the entire market. Let's not forget that many people on N4G kept swearing up and down they wouldn't buy ROTR on PS4, yet it ended up being a huge seller in Square Enix's financial reports. Or how CoD: Infinite Warfare got one of the most disliked trailers on YouTube, yet still ended up one of the best selling games last year.

That same line of logic can apply for Xbox One. If you haven't gotten one yet at this point, why would you get the more expensive premium option?

Not to mention that PS4 continues to receive a wider array of games than XO that reach out to a more diverse audience. In fact the mere fact that PS4 still receives more games brings into question why XOX would be a dramatic game changer commercially even more into question.

Shiken291d ago

I think the PS4 will take it for sure, but mainly due to stock issues with the Switch. If not for shortages, it would be a much closer race.

The Switch will beat the X1 outright however.

_-EDMIX-_291d ago


Cheaper, larger library, more of the top AAA titles coming this fall, are coming to it.

Shiken291d ago (Edited 291d ago )

I am really loolong forward to Mario O and Xenoblade 2, but I also have to check out the new Assassin's Creed and Far Cry 4.

This holiday is going to be insane.

yeahokwhatever291d ago

AKA "Specs VS. Form Factor VS. Games"

Dalailana290d ago

Portable will always win. It's written in history.
Portable devices always sell more than stationary ones.

nitus10290d ago (Edited 290d ago )

Portable devices are normally single user devices while consoles or stationary devices can be shared.

The Switch may be portable but it is huge in comparison to the Nintendo 2DS and 3DS and it is more expensive and fragile. You also have to ask the question if you were an adult buying a portable for a child would you get a 3DS or a 2DS or a Switch?

If your answer is "Switch" then I suggest you have more money than sense or a child. Yes, there are children who you can trust with expensive electronic devices but most you can't and even if you do trust your children do you trust their friends and acquaintances?

BTW. I am also aware that there are some adults that you should not let within one meter of any electronic device.

Gemmol290d ago

only problem with your thought, this is why Nintendo did not use Glass Screen and use plastic so it can take as much damage as a 3ds, or ds, did you not see it survive and still work after 1000 feet fall, only thing break was the left joycon, so only thing I can see you using for your argument to debate is saying what if they break the joycons, but everything else on the switch is solid build

anyone can use it, so if the person had the money, than its a great choice, but if the child 5-7, I think a 3ds would be fine for them, it cost 150 to 200 dollars, or they can get one used....I say that because they still young and do not know much about games, but once they reach 10 and older they would be talking about games in school and Switch would be the better choice

bluefox755290d ago (Edited 290d ago )

This isn't even close to being true, lol. Especially when you don't bunch iterations together for portables. Not only that, but most of the success of portables was before the mass adoption of smart phones.