Five Platforming Series That Deserve A Comeback

Crash isn't the only game worthy of a comeback

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PhoenixUp409d ago

Namco tried to bring Klonoa back on Wii and it flopped, so they're not going to return to that franchise again.

-Foxtrot409d ago

Well it's there fault...they put it on the Wii

FallenAngel1984409d ago

You know what long dormant platformer franchise is getting a comeback?

Bubsy 😅

Retroman409d ago

Im glad platformers making a comeback

Damn tired playing open world this open world that.

Thank you Insomniac for rebooting R&C now platform style games able to return.
wish shoot'em up's return now.

FallenAngel1984409d ago

Platformers have always been around, so there's nothing to comeback from

Relientk77409d ago

Spyro the Dragon
Ape Escape

Frinker409d ago

What's your problem with Jak and Daxter?

CocoaBrother409d ago

I'd love another Jak and Daxter, Spyro, and MegaMan game. I'm still holding out hope for at least 1 of those soon.

Retroman409d ago (Edited 409d ago )

You and Million of old skool gamers still holding out on Hope.
Im still holding out on ps4 Contra title like "Shattered Soldier " ps2 title .

Nintendew409d ago (Edited 409d ago )

Contra, castlevania, mega man, life force, ghouls and ghost.
Didn't mind shattered soldier.

Platformgamer409d ago

If i can only choose 5 games i'd choose:
-bugs bunny (like lost in time)
I didn't choose spyro because it's obvious he will return :D

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