Korean singer CL was the inspiration for 'Overwatch' character D.Va

Voice actress Charlet Chung of the popular video game franchise 'Overwatch' recently shared her thoughts on voicing the character D.Va.

Charlet revealed that K-pop, specifically former group 2NE1 and CL (pictured) inspired her to shape the unique voice of D.Va.

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Glemt222d ago

"Korean singer CL was the inspiration for 'Overwatch' character D.Va" This title, and immediately a picture of the two together, makes this article's heading quite misleading. It should say "Korean singer's voice was the inspiration for 'Overwatch' character D.Va's voice"

dcbronco222d ago

Yes! What is the deal with that? I prefer black hair but blonde on an Asian is amazing. You can see an Asian girl one day and it's ...she's cute. Dyes her hair blonde and it's like.... damnnn!

opinionated222d ago

I dunno. I'm generally not attracted to blondes, I like the darker hair and completion but blonde asians are something else lol. I guess because it's more rare to see.

dcbronco222d ago

It doesn't seem to be that rare anymore. I watch videos on YouTube of life in Japan and there are more and more Japanese girls dying their hair blonde. I think it has been working for them so more are doing it.

jznrpg222d ago

I'm married, no comment

Allsystemgamer222d ago

Don't need to make a comment. Your lack of willingness to do so says it all.

-Foxtrot222d ago

Next week

"CL sues Blizzard over likeness"

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