Capcom Files DMCA Against Street Fighter Costume Modders

A pair of long-time costume modders for the PC versions of the Street Fighter games have been hit with a DMCA takedown notice by Capcom.

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ZaWarudo257d ago

Oh yes, this is exactly what Capcom needed to do, give more reasons to hate them.

PurpHerbison257d ago

I am actually on Capcoms side here. Those guys were not supposed to be selling custom mods behind a paywall. It made the whole SF modding community look bad.

Natversion1256d ago

Capcom just salty they can't lock the costumes behind their own Dlc paywall.

Enigma_2099256d ago

Wow... who's being the bigger douche? Capcom, or the modders?

AizenSosuke257d ago

Interesting isn't because this will always happen free speech and IP protection are already enemies.

1Victor257d ago

As much as I hat to say this and I think I puke a little in my mouth but capcom is right on this one those wasn't FREE mods they was charging for them.

Gaming4Life1981257d ago

Yea hate to say it but capcom was right on this.

opinionated257d ago (Edited 257d ago )

Stupid. Just go back to not releasing games on PC. Stuff like mods come with the PC platform. That's the point of an open platform. Save your lawyers the trouble and focus on consoles if that's your position.

NovusTerminus257d ago (Edited 257d ago )

Modders charging for content is what they were stopping, they are not shutting down mods, just those seeking to make a profit off of their game.

opinionated257d ago

My mistake then. I still don't have an issue though. If they are making costumes good enough to sell and not using existing assets I (as capcom) would just ask for a small percentage of the sales.

PurpHerbison257d ago

You clearly don't understand what happened here.

opinionated257d ago

You have been waiting to say that huh? It doesn't happen often so enjoy lmao.

ILostMyMind257d ago

I agree with you. Capcom shoud make games only for consoles.

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The story is too old to be commented.