Gaming headsets: HyperX Cloud II vs. HyperX CloudX Pro features comparisons

Game Idealist: "One of the more popular gaming headsets is the HyperX Cloud II. The same company behind that product, Kingston,  released a new version called the HyperX CloudX Pro. So, which of these two headsets should you buy?"

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Ashlen291d ago

Probably the best headset for the money.

Jamesx82x291d ago

Funny, Kingston finds a headphone company that makes a decent but not great pair of headphones and licenses it throws a mic on it and a usb sound card adapter for 7.1 virtual sound and its like the most popular headset now.

In reality its just average.

NobleRed290d ago

Nothing more than a Takstar Pro 80 with a mediocre mic. Better go with the Takstar Pro 82 and an adapter with the vmoda boom pro.